Woman’s TikTok About Cleaning Up After Fiancé Has People Arguing In The Comments

Heterosexual relationships get roasted a lot on social media and after watching this TikTok about what a woman does for her fiancé that “just makes sense” I now think they honestly deserve it. The TikTok was made by a woman with the handle @catchupwithcrystal, but shared to Twitter by @clu19, who wrote, “This woman’s ‘cleaning up after my fiancé routine’ is going to haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life.”

I’ve now watched this TikTok like 20 times, and I still can’t tell if the narrator thinks the things she does really do make sense or if the whole video is just a giant subtext message to her fiancé about how he should start cleaning up after himself.

First, she picks up all his garbage:

Then she puts away his glasses and sometimes his retainer when it’s left out (ew):

She picks up his laundry:

Does his dishes:

Has a brief respite when she makes the robot vacuum:

As she’s finishing the laundry it’s revealed that she is also caring for an infant:

She puts everything away:

She steams his ugly polos:

And makes a healthy dinner that looks totally repulsive, sorry:

And does more dishes:

So, I guess the point of the TikTok is that she actually has two children, and her fiancé-child makes a bigger mess.

There were plenty of people who watched this TikTok and thought it was normal, or sympathized with how much work she does, or even applauded her dedication to her family. In a follow-up video, she explained that she was happy to do it.

Personally, I watched it and decided women need to go on mass household strike until conditions improve. Many people felt similarly:

But probably the people catching up with Crystal live similar lifestyles where the woman does all the household labor, plus some basic stuff their partners should just do to be decent human beings, like putting their retainers away themselves or not throwing their clothes on the floor. Once again: STRIKE!!

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