33 Parents Who Are Either The Funniest Or The Unfunniest Parents In The World

One of the greatest joys of becoming a parent is no longer making jokes to gain the approval of others.

Once you have kids, you are only trying to entertain yourself. If someone else happens to get a laugh, great.

Social media has given parents a whole new medium on which to roast their kids, and with kids desperately trying to carve out their niche in this world via Instagram/Facebook/Twitter for millions to see, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

1. Rookie move not hiding your posts from your dad.


2. She brought you into this world, and she can knock you out of it.


3. This is the face of a young woman who is counting the days until she moves out.


4. And this is the face of a former champion swimmer, apparently. 


5. Using swimming goggles to cut onions. Smart mom or terrible superhero?


6. A family who eats together, stays together. Then dad brought his selfie stick to a restaurant and everyone drifted apart.


7. An important clarification. 


8. A dad who went the extra mile to prove his daughter looks like him.


9. And this dad who went the extra mile to look like his daughter. I love a good troll but this was upsetting.


10. If she’s anything like my mom she wasn’t even trying to be funny. This is just a straight up “fuck you.”