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Mom Gets Dragged For Asking Help With Photoshopping Stepson Out Of Family Photo

For many Americans, being raised in a blended family is the norm. I mean, think of TV shows as old as The Brady Bunch. But one Florida woman by the name of Natalie is getting called out online for her apparent rejection of her blended family—in particular her stepson. Screenshots of a conversation between Natalie and a photographer to literally erase her stepson from a family portrait appeared on Twitter on Friday—and people are wondering how someone can be so cruel towards a child. 

“Is it okay if I post it in a photo shop group to see if my step son can be removed?” Natalie asks the photographer. “If not I completely understand.” She then shares the image of her smiling family

“You want him removed!” the photographer exclaims, and Natalie again requests that she wants one “with just my boys.”

On Facebook, Natalie again looked to find help with removing her stepson from the photo. She offered $10 to anyone who could help her and was greeted with disappointment from many in the Photoshop Fairy Connection group. However, it does seem like she found someone to photoshop her stepson out, as the doctored photo is currently her Facebook profile image. 

Wade Cross, who posted the screenshots on Twitter, said that after losing his own son in November 2019, he was heartbroken to see Natalie’s request. 

“I miss my baby boy so f***ing much and it may have a little to do with this specific situation, but this kid could live with me and be in every photo I’ll take for the rest of my life,” he wrote. 

Others on social media were also wondering why Natalie would want to remove her stepson from the picture. They cautioned that there might be a reason we don’t know. Some also shared their wonderful memories of being or raising a stepchild. And some said that Natalie’s post triggered their feelings of not-belonging when they were children. 

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