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19 Times Kids Were Just A Little TOO Creepy

I’m a big fan of all things Halloween, so this list popped up at EXACTLY the right moment for me. After all, what’s creepier than spooky kids saying spooky things? Very, very little. When @Schreiberland shared his story about a creepy kid, Twitter came to share theirs. Here’re some good ones…

The one that started it all…


1. Nightmare factory


2. Glow insides


3. Factory work


4. Battles


5. Birth


6. That’s me.


7. Past life


8. Grandfather


9. Night babies


10. No people


11. It’s soon


12. Previous lives


13. And THEM


14. Machine cut off his head


15. Toenails pulled off


16. He reads me stories


17. It was a pet shop


18. I died