Parents Are Sharing The Worst Baby Names Ever Actually Given To A Child (30 Names)


I know a family with 4 kids: Prince, Princess, Precious, and Becca. The Becca at the end kills me lol —katabatic21


I was a high s hill teacher for many many years and have seen some real crazy names throughout the past 4 decades including each decades “ trend”. The worst name ever? Still can’t believe it and this was about 8-9 years ago – I had a girl with the first name Swastika. Fortunately she went by the nickname Tika but who does that to a child? —Available_Honey_2951


Jack Cass, I know it’s bad because it’s my name —ettowa


I know someone who named their kid Khaleesi, yikes. —promofaux


I’ve seen a few little boys named Riot. That name seems pretty bad to me. —Zoe346


X Æ A-12 —Bobik8


A friend of a friend was named ‘Forsheeza Jolly Goodfellow’ before she had it changed. Can’t even imagine having to deal with that at school —tboner1969


when i worked at chick-fil-a way back in the day, I was taking this girl’s order and it time time to ask for her name, she was being very hesitant. So I was just waiting for a reply until her mom says “Sorry she’s shy!!” looks me in the eyes with a smile and tells me “Her name is Thankful!” ….poor child —estoniansweetener


Tequila. Sibling was Margarita. —Anonymouspapayaz


Jaxon, Jaxin, Jaxyn, Jakson

Just stop naming your kids any stupid variation of Jackson. —shmallory