Parents Are Sharing The Worst Baby Names Ever Actually Given To A Child (30 Names)


I was watching the game show Scrabble, hosted by Chuck Woolery. They were having kid week.

There was this one boy, about 10 or so, and his name was Chucksteak. Just like that. All one word.

When I saw it, my first thought was “Your parents hated you when you were born.” —StillN0tATony


My mum once worked at a school and there was a kid called “Thank God”.

Edit: the kid was a shit-stirrer and misbehaved in class just to hear his atheist teachers scream “Thank God!” at the top of their lungs —TumblrIsTheBest


I once saw a guy named Tenedor Martinez, tenedor means fork in Spanish. —Frob12


I was in line at Six Flags once and this woman in front of us kept calling her son “Trust Jay”. My mom, being nosy, asked about it, since it was an interesting sounding name.

Turns out, it was short for “TrustInJesus”.

The kid’s first name was fucking “TrustInJesus” or “TrustJ” for short. —antoniodiavolo


I went to elementary school with a girl named Percyphanie, no bs. Kids used to clown her and call her PerSyphilis lol —tzylco


Seen it all. Met a woman named Anal. Pronounced “Ah-nuhl”. I had a friend named Cleopatra. And had a relative named Sextus but he just was called “Uncle Sex”. Even heard of one called Merlin! —Hella111


First day of first grade, in a non English speaking country in the early 1990s, my teacher is going around the classroom and asking us to introduce ourselves.

The classroom consisted mostly of kids from around the neighborhood, so we knew each other for the most part.

Until she gets to the new kid, whose name is the English equivalent of “Name” but with the accent on the second syllable (nah-ME).

Teacher: and what’s your name.

Kid: name.

Teacher, already impatient: yes, your name.

Kid, already scared: … name.

Teacher, raised in a former communist country where physical violence was acceptable: do you want a smack on the head? What’s your problem?

Kid: cowering, terrified, doesn’t respond.

Teacher: approaches him, smacks him in the face.

Kid: starts crying, goes scarlet

Kid 2: excuse me, I think his name is Name.


Poor kid. I always hated that teacher after that. —thatsjustlikeyour


I work as an ER Tech and occasionally go down to OB for deliveries when we are on skeleton crew as we are a small rural hospital and I’m one of the few ER people trained and willing for OB. Anyway, had one mom, all methed out deliver a baby boy and when we were asking her what she wanted to name him she said “Zion”. However when we had her fill out the paperwork for social security and birth certfificate she wrote it as “Vzyiionn” and she looked at me and the nurse and flatly said “The V is silent” the real icing on the cake was she gave him 5 middle names because she wasn’t sure who the father was so he just got em all. —Athuny


I read a story once about triplets that were named Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Please dont do that. —SadGirlPancake


Went to school with a girl named Candace Barbara Machine. Candy Bar Machine! —mimiharmon1