All We Can Say Is “Dang, That’s Interesting” (26 Photos)

I love to learn. Especially in the fall when I’m reminded I’m no longer in school when learning was my “job.”

Now, I’m an adult and I have to work. Frankly, it’s not as exciting.

Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of content on the internet that’s both informative and interesting to look at.

I feel like I’m learning new things, and if we’re not spending our time finding out about the world, what are we doing? Well, hanging out with our loved ones and appreciating life, but besides all that.

Here are the most interesting photos I had time to find today:

1. What a $20 million looks like under a mattress.

2. It’s a me! Your landlord.

3. A yacht to rule all yachts.

4. Converted van into a home.

5. Fun facts.

6. Statue of Poseidon in Spain.

7. Plants know what birds look like.

8. Brazilian Agate that looks like a sunset over the ocean.

9. Sometimes, if the heat and humidity are high, corn can be infected by a fungus that causes the kernels to expand and become the delicious delicacy known as huitlacoche, which is eaten, usually as a filling, in quesadillas and other tortilla-based foods, and in soups.

10. Cough syrup from 1902.

11. Lobster with four claws.

12. Dang, would have won a free SNES.

13. Giant spider in Australia, of course.

14. The smallest vessel (mini tug) of the US Navy.

15. A 400-year-old Bonsai tree that survived the bombing of Hiroshima!

16. Russian cursive.

17. A cruise ship passing through canal of Corinth

18. It’s the season.

19. Inspiring.

20. Beautiful building in Japan.

21. The spiderweb caught the camera flash.

22. No nails needed.

23. Residents of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, can get a free bus ride if they do 20 squats.

24. Wow!

25. Inside a Natural History Museum.

26. Times Square building with no ads. It’s beautiful.

h/t Reddit: r/damnthatsinteresting