People Are Posting Divorce Cakes To Instagram, Because Apparently That’s A Thing Now (25 Pics)

Ending a marriage can be bittersweet. While you hate each other now, you were once so in love that you agreed to spend every day of the rest of your lives together. So, while saying goodbye can be painful—having delicious divorce cakes makes it, well, less painful. 

1. This “free at last” tower. 

divorce cakes

@divorceproject / Instagram

2. “I do, I did, I’m done.”

divorce cakes

@cakesbyronsrq / Instagram

3. Problem definitely solved. 

4. Those are vows I could get behind. 

5. Divorce Wars.

divorce cakes

@the.blonde.bakery / Instagram

6. And, happy AF, too.

7. #Facts.

8. You tell ’em!

9. Outstanding detail.

divoce cakes

@nat_skipp / Instagram

10. I know why the caged bird sings. 

@wildflouraugusta / Instagram