People Are Sharing Things They Considered “Classy” As Kids Even Though They Aren’t (35 Tweets)

Kids have weird ideas about what things mean that they carry with them into adulthood without realizing it, especially once the influence of advertising gets to them. A lot of brands out there take advantage of impressionable minds and imprint themselves forever on our psyches. This thread from writer Eve Dunbar is stimulating so many of the Internet’s memories at once it’s a nostalgia overload. Everyone is unpacking their childhood ideas about wealth right now.

Dunbar introduced a topic for her followers: “Things that you though the height of class when you were a child?”

She offered her own example, containers of General Foods International Coffees, all different flavors:

This does look exactly like the kind of thing a kid would believe is luxurious. It involves coffee, which is very grown up, beautiful font, and mentions different countries, giving the brand a hint of exotic adventure. I completely get why she thought this crappy coffee was the height of class.

The replies are a real walk down memory lane, bringing back all the special brands, candies, and little luxuries that used to feel like special treats or unattainable delights meant for future adulthood.

I don’t know how relatable this thread is to anyone who grew up super-rich, but anybody who considered dinner at a chain restaurant a fancy night out will totally get it. Oh, to enjoy such simple pleasures again!