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People Are Sharing Their Last “Normal” Photo Before The Pandemic Hit (31 Pics)

Since COVID-19 sent much of the world into lockdown and transformed human interaction as we know it, everything about our lives has changed. Many people are completely alone in their homes, separated from friends and family, work colleagues, and even interactions with strangers that make us feel human. Even if your daily situation isn’t too bad, it’s hard not to think back to the Before Times and mourn everything you’ve lost.

The BBC wrote a piece interviewing people on the last “normal” photo they had on their phone, meaning an image taken before everyone understood what was about to happen. The answers are poignant, silly, funny, nostalgic, and sad. And soon everyone wanted to share theirs:

The hashtag #LastNormalPhoto, or Photos, has been going around on Twitter. It gives people an opportunity to share what was going on with them right before things changed. Looking at them will definitely tug your heartstrings, but they’re also kind of inspiring. The last normal photos on our phones are a reminder of what we’re working to get back to.