Sometimes Things Look Like Other Things But Are Not, In Fact, Those Things (35 Pics)

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to interpret vague stimulus as something familiar. In other words—sometimes things look like other things to our brains, which are great at picking up on patterns.

Common examples of pareidolia include: seeing faces in everyday objects like coffee cups, or clouds.

Now that you know what pareidolia is, you’d think your brain would bypass it and see things for what they really are. But, nope. Stupid brain.

Here are some of the best examples of pareidolia:

1. This Dorito looks like a paper airplane

2. This toothpaste looks like a nose

3. This cloud looks like a helicopter

4. This driftwood looks like a dragon’s head

5. This black cat looks like the white cat’s shadow

6. This broken antenna fixture looks like a sunken boat

7. This ceiling fan looks like a manatee

8. This frozen windshield looks like an icy planet

9. This eggplant looks like a butterfly

10. This sweet potato looks like a dolphin