Influencer’s Body Positivity Thread Celebrating Weight Gain Goes Viral

An influencer has gone viral after starting a body positivity thread that we absolutely love to see.

Taylor Rayne kicked the whole thing off by sharing a side-by-side comparison of herself in two different bikini-clad photos.

“Grown woman weight thread?” she wrote. “130 [to] 230 drop your pics!”

Rayne explained that she started the thread to promote “body confidence and positivity.”

“I posted this because I struggled with confidence when I gained my weight (UNINTENTIONALLY),” she wrote. “I’m here to love on my girls who gained weight & aren’t really sure how to love themselves rn.”

Her tweets drew a number of responses from people who also wanted to celebrate their own bodies after a weight gain.

And Rayne was not having it with anyone jumping in to be negative.

The vast majority of responses were either photos from people in a similar position or grateful commenters just there to appreciate the thread. But as with anything, some folks just had to get off on trying to rain on this parade. But it wasn’t gonna happen.

And the thread is still growing, so hop on over to check it out if you need a pick me up to get your day moving right.

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