39 Things People Think Are The Same But, Sorry, They’re Different

“Same diff, right?” Turns out, no.

Just because two things seem similar doesn’t mean their words are synonyms, and this could actually cause a lot of problems for you down the road. (Imagine wanting to order a cupcake, but getting a muffin instead).

Whether you’re the person who loves scolding strangers about the difference between a boat and a ship, or you’d like to avoid that sort of confrontation altogether, knowing these important distinctions can only improve your life.

Here are some very commonly misused or misunderstood words in the English language:

1. Alligators vs. Crocodiles.

2. Cement vs. Concrete.

3. Crows vs. Ravens.

4. Jams vs. Jellies

5. Biscuits vs. Cookies.

6. Boats vs. Ships

7. Great Britain vs. the U.K.

8. Butter vs. Margarine.

9. Butterfly vs. Moth.

10. Armadillo vs. Pangolin.

11. Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine.

12. Banana vs. Plantain.

13. Cupcakes vs. Muffins.

14. Dolphins vs. Porpoises.

15. Emoji vs. Emoticon.

16. Ethnicity vs. Nationality.

17. Frogs vs. Toads.

18. Gorilla vs. Guerrilla.

19. Husky vs. Malamute.

20. Bees vs. Wasps.

21. Kangaroo vs. Wallaby.

22. Labrador vs. Golden Retriever.

23. Llamas vs. Alpacas.

24. Lobster vs. Crayfish.

25. Mouse vs. Rat.

26. Mug vs. Cup.

27. Mushrooms vs. Toadstools.

28. Oranges vs. Tangerines.

29. Pill vs. Tablet.

30. Poisonous vs. Venomous.

31. Possums vs. Opossums.

32. Rabbits vs. Hares.

33. Seals vs. Sea Lions.

34. Shrimp vs. Prawn.

35. Sphinx vs. Sphynx.

36. Stalactite vs. Stalagmite.

37. Tofu vs. Paneer.

38. Turtle vs. Tortoise.

Note: Both of these are to be differentiated from Terrapins, which are turtles that spend time both on land and in brackish, swampy water. The word “terrapin” comes from an Algonquian Indian word meaning “a little turtle.”

39. Weather vs. Climate.

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