People Who Dramatically Transformed Their Looks And Shared Their Progress Along the Way (21 Pics)

With body positivity movements on the rise, it’s becoming easier to be comfortable in your own skin these days. There’s a growing community of folks who are happy with the hand they were dealt with and are quite welcoming to anyone who wants to be included.

That being said, some people aren’t happy with where they’re at physically and are ready for a change. That’s fine too. I find it incredibly inspiring when I see a post about someone who was 300+ pounds and put in the discipline and work to get themselves in shape.

I hope these inspire you to make a healthy change in your life. You’re worth it.

1. She lost 124 lbs.

© dumbbitch64 / Reddit

2. And this girl lost 136 lbs.

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3. 7 years can make a crazy difference.

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4. “15-19 thank you, marine corps…”

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5. “What have I achieved in 3 years? I lost 80 lbs.”

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6. 11 months of SPF 50.

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7. “I really love this change.”

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8. “Same chair, 3 years later. Lost 317 lbs and I hope to have the surgery to remove the extra skin.”

© dusty_lost_300lbs / Reddit

9. “From 18 to 20, I decided to hit the gym to get a better-looking body, looks like I decided to do it around the time my face was changing too!”

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10.“I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been — but also the happiest. I’m so proud.”

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