Man Complains His Girlfriend Dresses Like Ms. Frizzle And Now The Internet Wants To Date Her

Sometimes, someone seems to have the entire world in the palm of their hands and they’re ready to throw it away out of spite. That seems to be the case for ultra-controlling Redditor u/TASorrynotsorry, who really lives up to his name. He posted his conflict with his girlfriend on r/AmItheA–hole, saying he’s 43 and that he doesn’t think he’s “in the wrong here,” but admits his mom is pissed off and even his best friend is calling him a horrible person and “I’d be lucky if my girlfriend didn’t put me out with the garbage, since I decided I wanted to act like trash.”

So you know it’s gonna be a good story.

My girlfriend (34F) is a preschool teacher and for some reason I can’t explain she dresses like Ms. Frizzle. Like a dress with the pattern of whatever they are studying. She makes a lot of them herself, now including matching masks. The kids love it, and the parents seem to think it’s great. I don’t like the amount of attention she gets honestly. I’d prefer if she came home and changed before running any errands.

You can stop there, you’re an a–hole. Just kidding, this goes on for several more paragraphs. He says that a few days ago, his girlfriend went to help out his mom after work and wore her “weird dress.”

I have told her before I don’t like when she dresses that way, but she tells me I don’t have to like it, but I have no right to tell her how to dress. I was upset she went out like that with my mother, and told her that my mom said she was embarrassed and to ask that she please not dress like that again if they’re going out. I was not expecting her to call my mom and apologize. When my mom asked what she meant, she told her what I said. My mom was furious, explained she doesn’t have a problem with how my girlfriend dresses and thinks it’s great she spends extra time doing things to engage her students. My mom then yelled at me for lying to my girlfriend and trying to throw her under the bus because I was being an insecure jerk.

My girlfriend and I got into a huge fight. I said she should be embarrassed to be seen in public like that. She said the only thing she was embarrassed by was me. She hasn’t spoken to me or done anything for me since. My friend said I was horrible and called me trash. I shouldn’t have lied, but I think my girlfriend should take what I think about her clothes into consideration and I’m not sorry for expecting her dress more appropriately in public. Am I really such an asshole here?

Readers, he was ruled an a–hole, and he was such an a–hole that his story made it to Twitter, where it went viral. His sad-sack replies to comments on the Reddit post were screenshot, and he sounds like more and more of an a–hole with every single one:

Meanwhile, everyone wants to marry this icon:

And it seems like there are a lot of other gals out there just like this fiancée and Ms. Frizzle:

And maybe they can, because he later updated his post to say she got dumped:

EDIT: I’m sure you all will be pleased to know we broke up tonight. She said I’m to controlling and narrow minded so she broke up with me.

I love a happy ending.

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