Woman Calls The Police On Coworker Who Pulled A Prank, Asks If She Was Wrong

Look. If you pull a prank on someone, you need to be fully prepared for the ramifications. As a person who hates pranks and think they are cruel, I traditionally have no sympathy for those who f*ck around and find out just how bad pulling a prank can be.

One Redditor who just started working at a hotel was terrified by a truly disturbing prank her coworker pulled, and she called the police in panic. Now, her coworker is giving her attitude.

“I (25f) just started this new job as a front desk clerk at a hotel. I work the over night shift. I usually have a coworker (30sM) with me but he never really spoke to me. A few nights ago was my first night alone. At around 2am, I notice a person in the parking lot (you can see the lot from the front desk. The lighting in the lot is terrible so you don’t really see faces until they get close to the lobby door.) Just standing there not moving for about five to ten minutes. I thought this was strange and of course it creeped me out.”

“After about 10 minutes of them standing there, they moved I guess to call the front desk because he moved his hand to his ear and the phone rang. I picked up and on the other end I just heard “5 buried. None found” in a low voice and then they hung up.

At this point I was terrified so I ran to the back room and called 911. I explained to the operator about what had been going on and they sent a couple cops to the hotel. When they arrived, one cop was talking to the person outside and the other one was at the front desk talking to me telling me that the person outside was claiming that he also worked here. I was confused but also admitted I hadn’t seen the person’s face just the silhouette.”

“At this point the other officer and the person from the lot come in and it turns out to be my coworker and he was upset saying he would have never pranked me if he knew I was going to call the police and try to get him arrested. I didn’t go through with pressing charges but I did tell my manager what happened the next morning.

It’s been a few days now and I guess he told other coworkers what happened and now no one is really speaking to me and giving me a bit of an attitude. I feel like I took it a bit too far with calling the police…AITA?”

Nope! You’re working the night shift and someone does that to you? You call whomever you need to feel safe.

“NTA. Your co-worker was trying to scare you on purpose, and now he’s angry that you did what any reasonable person would have done under the circumstances,” said Biteme75.

“As someone who has watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds, a shadowy figure in a deserted parking lot late at night who calls me and says ‘five buried. None found,’ F*CK YES I’m calling the police! He just basically said ‘hi, I’m a serial killer, I killed and buried 5 people (who haven’t been found) and I’m here to make you my sixth victim.’ Also, this doesn’t even feel like a prank. This is some creepy psychopathic shit your coworker is doing,” noted DNorthman.

“Your co-worker, whom you barely know, came to your work at night and phoned a threat to you. 911 is the correct thing to do, even if you DID know who it was, let alone with it being a shadowy, lurking character. Maybe you don’t want the headache of pressing charges, but you should definitely speak with whomever is in charge of your human resources. Your co-workers behavior was not anywhere remotely in the spectrum of normal, and that is cause for a modicum of concern,” said Appropriate-Low-4850.

“NTA but this guy is bad news. He’s in his 30s and spends his night off at TWO AM showing up to his job to prank his younger female coworker?! He should be fired. That’s harassment and it’s fucking creepy and weird not to mention unprofessional,” stated CrimeAid.

“What makes me so much angrier at this is that there are men out there who use women’s fear as a f*cking toy to be played with. We live on a planet where men are literally the single greatest threat to our safety and well-being, where SA and murder of women is rampant, and men think it’s a cute f*cking game to play with that to scare women for their jollies. F*ck this guy all the way to hell,” said theresbeans.

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