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A Guy Is Mad His Mega Famous Cousin Was Rude To His Fiancée At Christmas

A man posting under the name u/xmasshole111 on r/AmItheA–hole has a much rarer problem than what usually ends up on that subreddit: he has a very famous cousin. This isn’t something everyone can relate to. It is something everyone wants to know about, especially who this famous cousin is, and the conversation got kind of derailed with all the guessing.

The OP’s story begins with the question, “AITA for bringing my fiancée to Christmas despite my famous cousin’s wishes?”

He continues, “My cousin is very famous. Yes, you have heard of him, and no, I won’t tell you who he is. We’ll call him Terry.”

He goes on to explain that for holiday or family functions, Terry asks that only family is included so he can relax “get drunk and pass out on the couch and share Hollywood gossip” with his close relatives.

Otherwise, it’s apparently stressful to entertain fascinated guests. There were also some issues “these partners taking pics of him or spreading gossip” which will be relevant later.

I hated this at first because I would be dating some chick and she would want to get to meet him and it’s awkward to tell them they can’t come to family events and they get mad that they never get to meet him (my tinder has a pic of me with Terry). But I get it so I was fine with it. Until this year. I began dating this chick in August. I couldnt bring her to Thanksgiving, fine.

But when I walk in, I see another cousin, “Danielle”, has brought her boyfriend “Steve” EVEN THOUGH they’ve been together for less than a year!!! They got together over New Years and engaged on Halloween. Terry was fine with this because he’s met Steve before (old family friend) even though I’ve been told that no exceptions are allowed to his rule. Thanksgiving sucked because the whole time I was mad that I once again wasn’t allowed to bring my gf. My gf consoled me after and I realized that she is my soulmate. Two weeks ago, I proposed and we got engaged.


Wow, meeting your soulmate on Tinder. It’s beautiful. Anyway, you can probably see where this is going.

Christmas rolled around and the OP decided to surprise everyone, including Terry, by showing up with this new fiancée.

We walk into the house and all hell breaks loose. Everyone was asking who she was and scolding me about the rules, and Terry flipped out. He was already buzzed (and looked 20 pounds heavier than he usually presents himself) and started yelling at me for doing this to him.

He didn’t seem excited at all about my engagement or willing to introduce himself to her. Our grandma was telling Terry to get over it and asking to see the ring and saying she wish she had gotten my fiancé a gift, so grandma was on my side.

But Terry was still arguing with me and said I shouldn’t be allowed at any more events, and he ended up calling an Uber Black and leaving before we even ate.

Now he wants to know if he was the a–hole in this situation, but more info kept coming up in the replies the OP made to certain comments.

For instance, his fiancée is an influencer who has asked about taking pics with Terry multiple times. Also, he uses his cousin’s photo to score matches on Tinder. ALSO, it was one of his girls who leaked photos of Terry in the past.

Most people thought Terry might be a jerk for storming off, but ultimately it’s the OP who messed up here, and he should seriously reconsider his engagement. And the biggest guess about who Terry was is Chris Evans:

The OP insists that it’s not an I have to agree. Chris Evans would never let himself gain 20 pounds.

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