Woman Asks If She Was Wrong To Hang Her Nude Portrait After It Made Her Roommate Uncomfortable

I love people with weird hobbies.

On Twitter, one Reddit post from the AITA forum about an odd hobby is so delightfully weird that it’s getting tons of attention.

The OP, who sounds rich from her description, is really into commissioning portraits of herself in all different artistic styles. Her new roommate is not really excited about one image in particular—the very Dowager Countess-style portrait over the mantle. To be honest, a portrait of oneself over a mantle is very fun, but should she move it so her roommate is more comfortable? 

“Something I’ve started doing is commissioning portraits of myself in different styles. I don’t really have any expensive hobbies, so they’re kind of my thing.”

“My friend (22M) moved in last month. We were talking in my room this morning, and he told me the nude painting of me in there makes him uncomfortable. The thing, I’m a huge prude. It’s supposed to be like La Maja Desnuda and it’s completely nonsexual. Honestly thought I realized that even if I saw a nonsexual painting of somebody naked in their house, it would make me uncomfortable too, so I took it down and put it in my closet,” the OP writes.

“Now, he told me the way the fully clothed portrait of me over the mantle is placed (looking down on everyone) makes him also feel uncomfortable…I honestly put it there to be a bit funny, like I’m an 1800s matriarch, but I also unironically love it.”

The roommate told her it was a stupid hill to die on, but she really wants to keep it up while also making the house comfortable for him. I am seriously delighted by this whole eccentric tale. 

Anyone else kind of inspired to get a portrait commissioned after reading this?

Lead image: Wikipedia