Guy Who Broke A Starbucks Drive-Thru “Pay It Forward” Chain Wants To Know If He’s An A-Hole


“Somebody paid my toll on the Golden Gate Bridge about 12 years ago and that was my first experience with it. I didn’t know I was supposed to pass it on. lol” – myohmymiketyson


“NTA. You didn’t ask for it, so you have no obligation to pass it through. What you could have done was pay your own drink and ask the lady to take that amount of money off the bill for the minivan people, but the fact that you didn’t does not make you an asshole.” – EatThisShit


“i would say NTA, i wouldnt want to pay for anyone else too, i dont mind paying for mine though since i am committed already in buying it. though instead of just leaving, you should pay for your own drinks and then just let the chain or the whole pay behind continue with you removing yourself from it.” – ult_jellybeans


“NTA. In my opinion, this is a strange thing to do at Starbucks, which is a “luxury”. Makes more sense at the grocery store where people may be buying necessities or if you see a soldier/police officer/nurse at a restaurant during their break.” – Soiree1999



I think ultimately it woulda been nice to have said “listen I likely can’t pay for their entire order but I’d like to cover the drink behind me” and I say this only because you appear to have wanted to manage this differently.

But as someone who has worked many a Canadian drive thru where this is a favourite event lol, it’s fine to break the chain.” – Ladyughsalot1

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