Woman Caught Using Roommate’s “Vagina Razor” To Shave Her Legs

When you have a roommate, you hope they are respectful of your stuff and don’t use items that are not meant to be shared—like a razor.

One Redditor shares a gross story of one such roommate who apparently isn’t concerned that sharing razors can cause transmission of blood-borne or skin-living pathogens and just goes and shaves her legs with whatever is lying around. I think this roommate is clearly in the wrong—and so does most of Reddit—but what should the OP do about laying down the law and protecting her stuff

The OP writes that she lives with two roommates, R and M. R has a bad habit of using both the OP’s and M’s stuff, which isn’t typically an issue because it’s just a bit of face wash or lotion here and there. However, the OP recently found out that R’s “borrowing” of stuff is a bit more than previously thought. 

“I have two razors. One I use for legs/armpits. And the other I use to shave my pubes (from here on out this will be referred to as the ‘vagina razor’). The razors are different colors so I don’t confuse them, and I usually keep them in my drawer in the bathroom (each of us have one drawer and one shelf in the cabinet for our own stuff).”

“Last night I used my vagina razor while in the shower, and when I was out, I set it on the bathroom counter to dry before I put it back in the drawer. I did my skin care routine and brushed my teeth, and I ended up forgetting to put it back, so it was left on the counter and I forgot about it until about an hour ago.” 

The OP went to take a shower and saw her vagina razor in the shower. She also noticed that it had been recently used—which folks, is gross and can spread germs. Don’t share razors. 

“I get out of the shower and take the razor to the living room where R and M are watching a movie and asked if anyone used my razor. R casually says she did, so I tell her she owes me a new blade. R says no, that it’s ‘just legs’ and I’m being dramatic. But I’m literally so grossed out at this point because who the fuck shares razors? No matter what they’re used for?” 

“I tell her I don’t use the razor on my legs, I use it to shave my pubes and R starts freaking out. She starts yelling, calling me gross, disgusting, etc. and saying that I should have told her that before. I tell her she shouldn’t have used my stuff.” 

The OP then writes that R texted all their friends and their opinions are all over the place. Most agreed that R shouldn’t use stuff that isn’t hers without asking, but some said the OP should have told R what the razor was for since it’s known she uses stuff communally. You know how she is, they said. 

Look, there are some things that are okay to share and some things that are not—like razors, even if they aren’t used on pubic areas. That’s just bad hygiene. So what should the OP do? 

“Who the hell shares razors at all?! That’s almost as bad as using someone else’s toothbrush! Borrowing some face soap or shampoo is one thing, but stuff like mascara, eye liner, lipstick, razors, toothbrushes and even toothpaste should NOT be shared and it’s entirely proper to demand that R replace the blade she wrecked. That’s just disgusting on her part,” said TheBearWillBeFine.

“‘You know how she is’ is the worst excuse ever,” said welestgw

“A lot of people use the same razor for everything so when she decided to use someone else’s razor (which is super gross and upsetting) she should have been aware that she was taking the chance that she was using something that had maybe touched your asshole,” observed rockabillyrosie.

“If half your friends are ‘divided’ on this, you need to re-evaluate your relationship with them. It is your private property that, regardless of where you use it, comes into contact with your skin and occasionally causes smalls cuts. It is literally a biohazard if someone else uses it. You do not know what kinds of bloodborne illnesses she may have, nor does she know what you may have. You owe zero explanation, don’t have to defend a damn thing, and had better get a fresh razor. What a selfish and disgusting person that roommate is,” said AJEstes.

“You can’t trust this awful person so I think you should get yourself a shower caddy and carry your stuff back and forth. A small inconvenience but worth it for the peace of mind that you’re not going to pick up conjunctivitis or warts or staph or what-have-you from her, or her visiting friends who think this is perfectly ok,” advised NotThisAgain234

The OP decided to take Reddit’s advice and start keeping her personal hygiene items out of the reach of her roommate. 

“I have taken your advice and removed all my products from out bathroom and will now be taking everything in and out of there with me as needed,” she wrote. 

Good start, but I can imagine this roommate is someone who might drink straight out of the milk container also, so maybe start keeping an eye on the fridge as well.

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