“People Who Lost Their Job Due To This Crisis, What Is Your Story?”—A Viral Thread


“To the young child part, that happened to me after 9/11. WIC, Medicaid for the kid, unemployment benefits. Now is the time to pursue them all. They were a lifesaver for me. You’ve been paying into this your entire working career via unemployment insurance deductions, so don’t feel guilty about using what’s available.”—stupidlyugly


“I worked at a specialty custom cake shop, my bosses are a brother and sister that own the business. They have been terrified of covid-19 since it started in January and have been throwing around the idea of closing ever since then. When all the employees would panic and ask what would happen to us if you close they would just say “don’t worry about it, we will figure it out”. Last week we got an email giving us 6 days notice that we will be closed for the following month with partial pay. By the time we reached the final day we would be open before the month of closing, they told us that we were actually being laid off, the partial pay for the month would be severance and they are unsure of when they will open. They act like this is only temporary, but I know that they are refusing custom cake orders all the way until August. They also make no promises to be able to hire us back after they reopen later this year since they may not be able to afford it.”—hciwdnassybra


“I’ve read through dozens of these posts, and they’re all heartbreaking. But we will all come out the other end for the better, I hoping for anyway. Having said that, as a former tech, I’d say good riddance to the industry. I know that sounds incredibly insensitive because it was income, I know and I get it.

But the auto industry, specifically dealerships for techs is a hell hole. And the audacity to say they “might” hire him back, please. I feel for him because I know that feeling of “I wasn’t good enough to keep around.” but if he feels that much sorrow over it, means he put his heart into it. Someone like him needs to get into a career where he’s valued, and that’s certainly not tech life. Wishing the best for the both of you. Hoping someday to come back and read he’s kicking ass at whatever he’s doing.”—JKDriver


“Construction. The whole construction site was laid off, and with the way things are going, the company owner thinks it’ll be at least a year before they consider hiring me back. Started 3 months ago, and that’s at least 50 other people affected, just for this site. The company had several other sites that they laid off employees too. I’m just lucky I’m still living with my parents, and Dad works as online IT for the general public, so he’s nice and busy.

Edit: Since everyone and their dog is asking, I’m in Canada, Alberta. The site I was on was shut down by the owner, beyond that, IDK. And thanks to the bunch of you that offered to help/hire, I was kinda surprised at that.”—termiaurthur


“I’m a server. I haven’t worked since the 14th, but was officially laid off on the 18th. Where I am, temporary layoff is only 60 days. If we are not back by then, we lose our jobs permanently. It couldn’t have come at a worse time since we have new management and there’s been some murmurs about getting new staff. I was about to lose my apartment (unrelated) but my landlord phoned me up to let me know that he is no longer making me leave and not to worry about April rent. He also gave me $150 to go buy groceries. He’s a bro. I’m trying to get through to EI, which is all online right now, but the site keeps crashing so I’m unable to make a claim right now.”—Asak0pt3r


“Didn’t lose my job because of this, but I’ve been between jobs for a good few months before this. It’s been a terrible experience trying to get interviews or processes to move forward because of everything going on. Makes me worried about how much longer it’ll be.”—healthinessorgan


“I’m a nurse. Had a kidney transplant 7 months ago. Returned to work four months ago. Left work on Monday and haven’t been back since… a paycheck isn’t worth risking my best friend’s gift. Edit: my first gold?! For staying home from work! Thank you kind neighbor and friends! Anyone else please donate instead! My wife (the real badass nurse bc she is currently working the L&D unit!) and I love donating to animal charities and we do medical mission trips in Peru with the dream team at Support Our Smiles Link

Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, we’re going to overcome this and be stronger for it! Edit 2: worth mentioning I haven’t “lost” my job. Nurses and staff went to work for 3 days this week to clean and now non-elective surgeries have been canceled. We’ll see what happens. It’s a surgery center and my bosses and the board (all doctors) have been beyond supportive throughout my transplant and now this pandemic… The blessing of having so many incredible people in my life has me in a never-ending state of gratitude and free from fear of the unknown. Reach out if you think I can help you.”—foreststarter


“Classical musician here. Every orchestra had to cancel concerts for the next 8 weeks. Unsure if any of the concerts will be reschedule. Many orchestras are waiting to see if the “act of god” clause will be applied. If that is the case, musicians will not be payed. Most summer orchestras are still programmed but there is high chance will be shut down as well.”—elbrigno


“I am a landlord. I’m just saying that up front. Take care of you and your wife first. Buy your food and your meds, feed your pets. I don’t know where you live but many states have place a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. I live in CA and right now you cannot even file to evict until May 31 at the earliest. Everyone is scared right now. We are all watching the material part of our lives slip through our fingers. Everyone is frightened including landlords. Your landlord is worried about her own problems right now. She has bills to pay and markers to cover.

She believes that if she puts pressure on you, or implies that there is not going to be any grace shown, that you will somehow cough up the rent on April 1. I have reached out to my own tenant. He knows he will always have a place here, he’s a great tenant and I would not evict him or ask him to leave. He has a job for now, but who knows how long that will last. I am self employed (not as an investor/landlord, my rental is a tiny ADU on my property) and right now business is dead in the water. Unemployment doesn’t pay much but it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, which is what all the self-employed people are getting right now.

This is going to work itself out. Landlords are going to have to come to grips with the reality that we are all losing our fiscal ass right now and they are not exempt. So take care of yourself FIRST. Feed yourself. Take care of your needs. If you can pay something in rent, pay it–your landlady needs money too. But if you cannot just know that this will keep. The world isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This will work itself out in time. Be well.”—speecyspicymeatball


“I was a bartender. The bars and restaurants were shutdown. I was actually relieved because, not gonna lie, I was afraid of dealing with so many people and all the glasses. People would’ve just kept coming too if the state hadn’t shut us down.”—hurtsdonuts