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Would You Rather Be 18 Again Or Get $100,000 Right Now? People Are Debating (17 Posts)

If you had the choice of setting back the clock to your 18th birthday or accepting $100k right at this very moment, what would you choose? For some people, it seems obvious: go back in time and stay very aware of Bitcoin.

For others, the question comes with more philosophical weight. If you went back in time, would you lose your family or the things about your life and yourself that make you happy now?

Many folks would prefer to take the money and go on living the life they’ve worked hard to have. Hey, $100k is a lot—and 18 wasn’t a super great year for a lot of us. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’d be a financially success even if you did have all the information you possess now.


“18 If I I retain the knowledge of the future. I’d have way more than 100k.” —kremitthefrog38


“100k rn because I am 18.” — catmaeby


“100k because 18 year old me was not living his best life, and current me is.” — rjjm88


“$100k, since going back in time implies the life I have now may or may not ever happen (butterfly effect and all that). I don’t want to gamble on the unknown and possibly end up in a dead end marriage or sh*t job I hate etc. I’m happy with my marriage and my kids and wouldn’t want to go back to a time before any of them were in my life.” — FlamingoWalrus89


“18 years old anyday. I f*cked up” — Meekrob420


“I’ll do anything I can to get my hands on bitcoin and the right investments. Easily surpass 100k.” — itsiceyo


“Depends. Do I get to retain my memories as a 50 something year old? Cause if so I’m definitely rewinding to 18 and investing in Microsoft, Apple, Google, Bitcoin, and anything else that blew up over time. If not I’ll take the 100K now and pay down some bills and do some home repairs/upgrades.” — yottadreams


“My life was already f*cked up way before 18 so I guess I’ll take the cash. I can at least attempt to fix some of the sh*t with cash.” — Reddittoxin


“18, so I can see my mom again. And also make a few different life choices.” — FreddieGregg


“Rewind. You’d be dropping me right at 2000. I could make 100k with my future knowledge pretty easily. Shit, just knowing about Bitcoin gets me to never have to work again. I could also start managing my depression much, much earlier and probably get my life started and stable significantly earlier.” — The_Vampire_Barlow


“100k. Life is so awesome with my family. 100k would just make it awesomer.” — gonephishin213


“100k now. I like my life as it is, wouldn’t want to give up my kids to reset my life. 100k could go a long way for me right now.” — ThaChozenWun


“100k now, I’m 23 and would kill myself if I had to relive college.” — SANTAisGOD


“Gimme 100k now…. I’d probably still f*ck up the rewind!!! Haha.” — StuieBaratheon


“I’m 27 and I would have a f*cking mental breakdown if I woke up and it was the morning of my 18th birthday. Not saying I went through anything traumatic or anything, but I worked hard as sh*t to get where I am today and would lose it if I had to it all over again. I’m way happier now than I was then, I’m in such a good spot in life, and I get 100k? I’m staying for damn sure.” — KeytarPlatypus


“If I can retain the knowledge I now have, I’d rewind 18 years. If not, I’d take the $100k. Rewind 18 years with intact memories, I can avoid a lot of the mistakes I’ve made in my life, especially with my health and personal choices. Starting my self-managed retirement fund 18 years earlier would be massive, and the chance of getting in on Bitcoin (and crypto in general) in the front door is enticing. If I can’t have those intact memories on a rewind, $100k would go a long way to fixing me up financially at the very least, so I’m not scraping paycheck to paycheck. I wouldn’t be flush, but I sure wouldn’t be stressing where the money for a car repair or urgent bill is coming from.” — danwincen


“I was 18 in 2000. With the knowledge of the last 20 years of stocks I could easily put a few hundred dollars to work so that by 2015 I’d be a multi millionaire. Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Bitcoin. I’d be spending my 30s laughing in retirement.” —Nickyjtjr

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