Adults Tell Teenagers Some Of The Things They Should Avoid


“Suppressing emotions. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, anxious, etc. don’t be made to feel bad for feeling this range of emotions through your teenage years.” — McNamee93SAFC


“Adults trying to be to friendly/date you. You’re not mature for your age, people their age don’t want to be with them or around them for a reason.” — alesixxskylor


“Don’t practice unsafe sex. Condoms and pills are cheaper than having to raise an unplanned child. Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. No, they don’t make you cool. They are very addictive, and you can’t easily shake off the habit.” — MinutesTaker


“If you haven’t been financially educated, credit cards. It’s far too easy to get into debt with them and can really destroy your future for years.” — jennyrob669


“Avoid feeling like you need to have a ‘good’ excuse for everything you don’t want to participate in. if you tell someone ‘no,’ it really doesn’t matter why, that should be enough. you don’t have to keep explaining yourself, just walk away and eventually you’ll meet people who will respect your limits.” — Alarmed-Chair-5258

Lead image via Pixabay.

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