18 Stories That Might Make You Wonder How We All Survived Childhood


“One night we threw a can of spray paint in the fire and the resulting explosion triggered an addiction we didn’t know we had. We ended up blowing up at least 1 can a trip for 5 years, we saved all the ones we could find and had over 500 cans. We would climb trees or a ladder we lashed between 2 trees that was 15′-20′ high and 10′ from the fire but never once got injured despite some close calls. Cans exploding immediately right in our faces, logs being launched out of the pit, shrapnel from the can and/or the ball in the paint would shoot between us while on the ladder.” –Cleverusername18


“My brother and I once tried to see who could breathe the exhaust from our fathers truck the longest. He stopped us before we could find out though.” –selector96


“Back in the old days when folks didn’t lock doors, my dumb ass used to go in my neighbors houses and wander about while they slept. Then I’d get scared and leave. Very dangerous as a 6yr old young lady.” –magicmoonflower


“I rode my bike 45 minutes each way on rural highways with poor visibility and no shoulders in order to spend 10 minutes kissing a girl before her parents told me to go away. Age 14 was hell.” –EMBNumbers


“Talking to other random kids on MySpace and going to meet with them IRL. We took trains and busses without our parents knowledge or approval. It could of ended up really bad but everyone was cool and normal.” –Sadgalchi


“Road near my house had a dip in it. We’d go down it in pretty much anything with wheels. Usually bikes/scooters/skateboards but got pretty creative. I got dared to go down in rollerblades once and got my first concussion. We also took down a wagon, a go-kart, and a shopping cart. The road was also used by cars. If ones coming just get in the other lane. If two, throw yourself off the shoulder and hope you don’t hit anything important on the drainpipe.” –maisie0112


“I used to play around in the houses that were being built in my neighborhood and dumpster dive in their big dumpsters full of rusty nails and other hazardous shit when I was like 7.” –MamisTea


“I had between 25 and 30 acres of land growing up in two separate states. My parents could have cared less. There goes 8 year old me with sometimes a .22 rifle and sometimes just a stick wandering in the woods for hours alone. Next to the site of a rattlesnake roundup, in South Texas and near Tucson. In summer. Never got bit but did meet coyotes (animal and human), javelinas, PTSD afflicted Vietnam vets and had all manner of adventures!” –Mike7676

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