“What’s The Cringiest Thing You’ve Seen A Bride And Groom Do For Their Wedding?“—39 Replies


Oh I have two!

The bride decided to sing as she walked down the aisle. She was not a particularly talented singer, and she was singing over a Carrie Underwood song so we could all hear the original vocal track. She finished walking about halfway through the song and then stood there and sang the rest of the song at the groom and all we could do was sit there and watch.

(Different wedding) They began the wedding with the groom playing an out of tune guitar and singing to the bride. They were sitting on chairs in front of everyone, legit 400 people, and the bride was clearly uncomfortable which made everyone else uncomfortable. That wedding also included a foot washing ceremony, and when the bride put her shoes back on she tripped on her dress and fell flat on her face. They hadn’t done the vows yet and the ceremony stopped for 20 minutes to deal with the nosebleed she gave herself.—u/reflectorvest


It’s a tie between my sister breaking her knee (seriously) at her own wedding dancing to the cotton eyed joe and my stepsister having her reception at an honest to god truck stop while 6 months pregnant. In her defense, the food was good but WOW was it weird walking through a gas station in formal wear.—u/letsgopond15


It happened at my wedding and I still look back and shake my head

The pastor who we pushed to marry us found out that we had sex before marriage. He made sure to point that out during the ceremony.

When saying the vows I wrote I got so damn emotional it all sounded like gibberish and when I turned to get the ring from my best man he was bawling his eyes out and couldn’t find it. I can’t imagine how ppl in the audience felt.—u/NoctheMighty


The minister (or pastor?) used to date the bride and gushed about how wonderful she was. Told the groom if he ever died not to worry, he’d take care of her. I was shell shocked. I so wished I could think of a reason to ask the couple for a copy of the video of their wedding but couldn’t quite find a legit one.—u/sunsetviewer


Not wedding but engagement ceremony. They reenacted a scene from an old romantic film, about two lovers in 1800s. In front of like 300 people.—u/vixissitude


I was at a wedding when I was 8 and instead of the bride and groom getting up to make their speech thanking everyone, they had done like an awards show.

So the DJ opened up an envelope, announced their names, they were handed and “awards statue” (a Barbie and Ken doll) and proceeded to thank everyone in the form of an awards speech. In the right hands, it would have been funny, but the bride and groom are incredibly shy by nature so it was just awkward. I’m in my 30s now and I still remember this—u/jmt2589


Dress up as Belle and the prince from Beauty and the Beast. The wedding was also held at a renaissance fair during pirate weekend. The marriage lasted 6 months, but at least I got to dress up as a pirate and go home with a bridesmaid dressed as a fairy.—u/Azuenz


When I was at a wedding of my parents friends, the groom tried to throw a decently sized piece of cake at the bride who moved out of the way, the cake ended up hitting my 76 year old grandma. We all had a good laugh. But we were all cringing at the same time at the missed cake attempt.—u/airsoftrules1


My wife and I don’t dance, so we hadn’t danced together before our wedding dance. Loved it, but it was cringe-worthy.—u/-taco-rice-


Not the couple, the Pastor kept saying “Our Heavenly Father, Daddy God,” while marrying them.—u/S-D-J