People Share The Surprisingly Easy Ways You Can Accidentally Die (18 Posts)

Every day, we’re constantly calculating risks, whether we’re aware of it or not. And while many of us are afraid of things like flying in airplanes, the riskiest things are often the things we do everyday.

On Reddit, people are sharing the surprisingly easy ways we can die — and an everyday car accident is far more likely to cause your demise than a plane crash.

I guess just be careful but live your life? Or maybe skip this one if you’re a hypochondriac or easily nerve-wracked.

1. Falls

“You’re almost always one bad trip and fall away from a fatal head injury.” — Pukupokupo

2. Ignored Headaches

“I sneezed the other day and had the worst headache of my life all of a sudden. Just got out of the hospital after a week with a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. Didn’t die but easily could have if I took a Tylenol and went to bed.” — NoiselessBroth

3. Engulfment

“Engulfment. Standing on top of a large pile of anything seems so innocent…until a tiny bit shifts and suddenly you’re drowning in grain/sand/rocks.” — lumpyspacebear

4. Carelessness On The Job Site

“Simple complacency on the job site. Do not take for granted that the ladder, sawhorse, gantry, whatever that you’ve used for years, is in the same shape it was yesterday. Most especially in a shared workplace.” — Paexan

5. Falling Down The Stairs

“Falling down the stairs. These people climbed big mountains in nasty conditions and got taken out walking down the stairs.” — WholeAwareness4

6. Working On The Car

“Taking the springs off car struts.” — tardisatd

7. Allergies

“I have a friend who ate some Chinese food one day (Cashew Chicken, to be exact), then went for a run about an hour later. He made the unfortunate discovery that there is an obscure allergy where exercising after eating something with celery in it can cause anaphylaxis. He was minutes away from dying. He survived because a few weeks before that, he discovered his next door neighbors were paramedics who had saved him after crashing his bicycle in gravel at around 40mph. He ran to their house and they saved his life. Again.” — HBICharles

8. Getting Drunk

“Getting really drunk, and then choking to death on your vomit.” — ChimpyChompies

9. Drowning

“Thousands die of drowning every year. Ocean currents nothing to f*ck with.” — typesett

10. Medication Errors

“Over calculating my fast acting insulin dose.” — westcoastspn

11. Driving

“Driving. Are you familiar with the micromort scale? It calculates death risk. One childbirth = 80 molly pills and so on. Taking a cab to the airport is more dangerous than the actual flight. A lot more.” — Allegutennamenweg

12. Exhaustion

“Exhaustion. It really makes us clumsy and jumpy, and especially with how easy it is to fall asleep at the wheel when you are tired, and how deadly car accidents can get, I would go with that.” — Aedrian87

13. Electrical Accidents

“Electricity. We use a ton of it, and it’s surprisingly easy to mess up.” — greywar777

14. Choking

“I nearly choked to death. I was lying in bed and was sucking a large peppermint to help disguise the taste of the chemotherapy that I was having for a year. Suddenly the peppermint went down my throat and I couldn’t breathe. Almost instinctively I lurched over the side of my bed and did a Heimlich maneuver on the side of the bed (which is a waterbed, so has a hard side). The peppermint shot out and I could breathe again. No more peppermints in bed for me!” — CyanHakeChill

15. Infections

“Back in 7th grade I went to school with a kid. He got an ear infection at first, then in a series of quick unfortunate events, it went to his brain and killed him.” — stonekid33

16. Farm Animals

“Having your head crushed or broken in some way by farm animals.” — CE539

17. Mixing Chemicals

“Mixing bleach and ammonia while cleaning the bathroom.” — jamin_g

18. Guns

“Playing with an ‘unloaded gun.'” — Different_Durian_645

Featured Image: Unsplash