Dudes Are Sharing “Feminine” Things Every Man Should At Least Try (20 Posts)


“Guys should definitely try yoga! At the very least, it’s a form of exercise that builds balance, flexibility and strength in each and every pose, is low-impact enough to be done until old age, but is challenging enough to build muscle. Plus if you go into the other aspects of yoga, including meditation, breathing, concentration, etc., life feels better and lighter.” —DareSalaam


“If I remember correctly, social workers are mostly female, but young boys need good male role models too, and there should be a demand for male social workers since there are so few of them. So, being a social worker.” — SleepyLoner


“Also seeing a therapist. That shit is fire.” — nofartknockin


“Telling your male friends you love them. Just at the end of highschool my group had several deaths occur. Car accident, cancer, suicide and a couple murders. Now in my current group we say love you after most conversation. Some people think it wierd but fuck em. People aren’t around forever. Better to let them know how you feel while you can.” — Juice1984


“Crying. Just let it out, guys. You can do it! Don’t apologize for it or hide it either.” — dataguy2018


“Y’all are not ready to hear this but: prostate orgasms. Get one of those toys made for that.” — Mal-Estorm


“Being the little spoon.” — TJP8ZL


“Can’t believe nobody mentioned this but broadway musicals, plays, and show tunes in general. They rock.” — venerable4bede


“Make up. I’m not talking full mascara and shit, I mean for covering stuff up. I have terrible dark circles, and no amount of good quality regular sleep or skin cream will make them go away. I just have thin skin there. My wife offered me some make up to cover them and it was incredible. Totally invisible too. This was higher priced stuff though, so be wary of the cheap stuff.” — Digibollocks


“Real men don’t give a shit that other people think they’re being ‘unmanly.’ I’ll confidently order a cosmo at the bar in my purple shirt because it’s a good drink and purple is my favorite color.” — Chansharp

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