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“If You Were 15 Again With All Your Current Knowledge, What Would You Do?”—17 Replies

It’s one of the most-asked theoretical questions: what would you do if your consciousness was sent back to your 15-year-old body? What would you do differently? You’ve got all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the course of your life, but all of a sudden you’re back in high school. Would you try to get rich? Save a life?

On Reddit, people are talking about what they would do after u/TheIconicNZ asked:

“Your consciousness is sent back to when you were at age 15, and you maintain all of your current knowledge and experience. What do you do?”

And let’s just say lots of folks would have taken advantage of Bitcoin.

1. Make Better Choices

“Well, knowing me, I don’t make the stupid choices I made for the past 31 years. But also knowing me, I would make totally different stupid choices. Because I’m human. Just because I could now avoid the traps I had fallen into back then, this does not mean I would not fall into different traps. But hopefully the sum total would be a better life. I know there are career changes I would make. There are financial decisions I would do a better job with. For instance, on the day I graduated college Apple stock sold for 15 cents a share. If I had bought $5000 worth of Apple stock that day, I could sell that today for 4.6 million dollars. So there’s that.” — skpicky

2. Warn Grandma About Her Cancer

“Warn my grandma that she has cancer that will kill her in 9 years because they caught it too late.” — FearTheKeflex

3. Focus More On School

“Focus on high school a bit better, try and keep in touch with my best friend at that time a bit better after she moved across town, talk with my dad more about family and stuff, apologize for being a little sh*t in middle school more. Figure out my major a lot faster.” — cmdr_shadowstalker

4. Focus Less On School

“I’d actually focus less – I was the kid that broke myself just for a small edge into college. I really could have been more well-rounded person, with less breakdown levels of stress.” — Prysorra2

5. Go To The Dentist

“Take better care of my teeth.” — sapphire114

6. Buy Bitcoin

“Don’t date my first girlfriend. Try to maintain friendships while moving. Take college more seriously. Buy Bitcoin. Hug my grandparents more often.” — Beltoraze

7. Less Stress

“Honestly just the knowledge that lots of the sh*t 15-year old me was agonizing over and worrying about ultimately didn’t bring about the end of the world would help. I’d know which things to stress about and which ones I could let go of.” — LadySygerrik

8. Report Child Abuse

“I go straight to the cops and report my father for abuse.” — iwantcheeeeese

9. Be Single

“Be single and lonely for a while. Holy shit do I not want anything to do with most high schoolers.” — Otterable

10. Prevent Suicide

“Stop my brother from killing himself.” — vogueorwhatever

11. Buy Domain Names

“Buy up domain names and sell them after internet gets more mainstream.” — frijolita_bonita

12. Little Things

“I’d want to tweak a few things. Hit the pricks who messed with me. Kiss the girl when I should’ve. Spent more time with my old man. Little things.” — tattooedbutemployed

13. Who Cares?

“Stop caring about what anyone thinks.” — hungryexplorer

14. “I Have Nightmares About This”

“Everyone saying what they’d do better while I’d be having a total mental breakdown. Can you imagine going back to living with your parents? Waking up at 6am to get a bus to be in class at 8am? Taking exams again? Having to study all over again? I have nightmares about this. Please no, no, I’d rather stay an adult please.” — Art1924

15. Prosecute Your Rapist

“Prosecute my ex boyfriend for raping me. Call CPS on my mom and actually give information this time. Everything else can stay the same, mistakes and all. But if I could do it again, I’d do those two things differently.” — GraveDigger111

16. Use Clever Responses

“People here are getting rich or saving lives but I’m 100% using this as an opportunity to deploy all the clever responses I came up with hours later in response to various people. I still have a lot of them memorised thanks to my brain’s love of reviewing stupid things I’ve said and done over the decades late at night so I feel pretty prepared.” — MagicBez

17. Transition Earlier

“Transition at 15 instead of 21, buy some Bitcoin, and try not to mess with the timeline much beyond that so I still meet my current girlfriend and love of my life.” — Quelandoris

Featured Image: Unsplash