Guys Share The One Piece Of Sex Advice They Would Give Women (15 Tips)

Everyone has different sexual tastes and comfort levels. And obviously one guy’s advice wouldn’t work in every situation. But maybe there are some general tips that can help everyone out — and where else could you find that but on Reddit. Here, guys are sharing the one piece of advice they would give girls when it comes to sex — and some of these answers are surprisingly wholesome.

1. Be Gentle

“Firmly but gently.” — JuanCSanchez

2. Don’t Fake Orgasms

“Don’t fake orgasms to spare your partner’s feelings, you’ll end up teaching them to do the wrong things in bed and make it even less likely they’ll get you off the next time.” — Spike-Rockit

3. Initiate Sex

“Don’t be afraid to initiate sex.” — degeneratesumbitch

4. We’re Not Always In The Mood

“Also, don’t get mad if we say we’re not in the mood when you do and don’t let that deter you from doing so in the future.” — bigmfworm

5. Be More Touchy

“Please be more touchy. Run your hands over a guys body, feel him, grab, caress, kiss.” — simple_homosapien

6. Communicate

“Communicate; talk about boundaries, likes, dislikes, etc. early on. Don’t be afraid to initiate sex with your partner; a lot of men (like myself) are dense or have a hard time doing so ourselves, even when we’re comfortable with our partner. If he doesn’t last long, and I can’t stress this one enough, he can use some assurance!” — Omni_Devil

7. Don’t Be Self Conscious

“Don’t be self conscious about body parts, stretch marks, shape, or any of that stuff the vast majority of us adults don’t care about. Nothing is going to stop the blood draining from our brains.” — -technosapien

8. The Penis Is Not A Lawnmower

“My penis is attached to my body. Don’t act like you’re trying to start a god damn lawnmower.” — pardonmynonsequitur

9. Be Careful

“Be conscious when you are on top riding and really get going. Trying to combine that long stroke with the grinding can be a recipe for injuring the penis.” — theloosestofcannons

10. Ask For Consent

“Before you put your finger in someone’s ass, ask for consent.” — Flojo12

11. Socks!

“Don’t question why it’s sexier to leave on your thigh high socks during sex just leave them on.” — dragonshit94

12. Don’t Be Coy

“Stop being coy! We are NOT going to get it!” — ColinBridgerton

13. We’re Not Cliches

“I have a lot of male friends who I love dearly, when women ask me what men are REALLY wanting, I’m like…a loving relationship and someone who cares about them? Just like everyone. The men not wanting a relationship/monogamy I have found is an untrue and harmful cliché. We’re all people, and while some of us aren’t great, most of us are just looking for love and acceptance.” — QueenOfTartarus

14. Wash Up

“Everyone should wash their junk beforehand. Girls n guys both.” — chrishooley

15. Pay Attention To Our Extragenital Erogenous Zones

“We have extragenital erogenous zones, just the same as you do. Ears, lips, eyelids, fingertips, nipples, pelvic region. Look at at Nervous Homunculus illustration for reference (warning: do not expect to be titillated by the image as it is somewhat off-putting). These are areas where somatosensory nerves are closely clustered. Basically any attention paid to our skin, from soles to scalp, is a turn on, but these areas in specific will drive us crazy. Just remember to be gentle. We are all made of the same material, and men have a far lower threshold for pain.” — dreamrock

Featured Image: Pexels