People Are Sharing How Old They Are Without Saying Their Birth Year And It’s A Nostalgia Rush (20 Posts)

There’s a lot of ways to reveal your age without telling your birthday. There are certain generational markers that groups of people share, and it’s fun to figure out which are the best ones that fall in your age range. Did your parents have a car phone? Did you have strong opinions on certain video games? Did you stay awake into the night so you could record a concert that was playing on the radio?

On Reddit, people are sharing the memories they have that potentially give their age away.

What are yours?

1. Recording From The Radio

“I’m ‘had to make a mad dash sprint to the cassette player to mash the record button when your favorite song came on the radio’ years old.” — pradmlv

2. Mom Had A Beeper

“I remember my mom having a beeper and a cell phone when I was in elementary school.” — PadNoPanties

3. Drank The Polio Vaccine

“I remember the sand bag bumpers at bowling alleys (before they got the automatic ones). Also drank the polio vaccination; it was a nice pink color back then.” — raineykays

4. Collect Calls

“Would you like to accept a collect call from MomWe’reDoneComeGetUs?” — Opselite

5. Oregon Trail

“I played the all-green Oregon Trail.” — Jabber-Wookie

6. Listening To Music

“I’ve had experience with these ways of listening to music: 8 track, vinyl, cassette, CD, and mini disc.” — beigereige

7. Back to the Future

“I remember Back to the Future in theaters.” — Own-Cupcake7586

8. Sega vs. Nintendo

“When I was a kid the big playground argument was Sega vs Nintendo.” — grombleduke

9. Princess Jasmine

“My parents have never admitted it, but I’m pretty sure I was named after Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.” — Dog-treats

10. Phone Numbers

“We actually ‘dialed’ a 7-digit phone number.” — stef2go

11. Chicken Pox

“Chicken pox parties.” — Throwaway-3305

12. Computer Lab

“Went to computer labs in elementary school to Paint and play pinball.” — CaregiverMan

13. Cell Phones

“I was the first person in my high school to have a cell phone.” — clever-asshole

14. Furbys

“I had a Furby as a kid.” — Communist-thelastone

15. The Moon Landing

“I was around when man landed on the Moon.” — homevp

16. Tamagotchi

“I got in trouble in kindergarten because my tamagotchi kept telling me it was hungry.” — CatMilkHotel

17. Generational Confusion

“I don’t know if I’m a Millennial or if I’m Gen Z.” — cliberte98

18. Favorite Movies

Drop Dead Fred, Little Monsters, Ghost Busters, The Last Unicorn, & Labyrinth were my favorite movies as a child.” — tilt-a-whirly-girlie


“There was only one newscast at 11pm, and before it started, a booming voice asked, ‘it’s 11pm. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE????’ and after it was over, there was an hour of maybe an infomercial , then a test pattern, and TV was OVER for the night. And there was only 7 channels.” — beigereige

20. The Challenger Explosion

“In elementary school, I got to watch the space shuttle Challenger explode on live television.” — Pyrophagist

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