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Mom Gets Mad Her Daughter Might Have To Share A Birthday With Her Sister’s Kid

There are 365 days in a year. Guess what? Sometimes important events overlap. People share birthdays with other birthdays, big holidays, religious days, and days of mourning. It’s not a big thing—or at least it shouldn’t be.

On a Reddit mom group, one post is making the rounds and sparking discussion about this very topic. Is this woman being incredibly unreasonable?

“My sister is pregnant. 39 weeks exactly. They are giving her the choice to have her induced on the 24th or the 28th. The 24th is what she wants which means that she will likely be born on the 25h (my daughter’s birthday). I’m not happy and nobody is understanding me,” the woman wrote.

The problem?

“I’m not wanting to share my little girl’s birthday. I want it to be her day. I don’t want to argue over who’s birthday party gets to be that weekend and everything else. I know I sound selfish and bitchy but it’s just how I feel.”

Yeah, it will be annoying figuring out family birthday plans, but it’s not the worst thing. It could even be fun to share a birthday with a cousin and have a huge party.

What did Redditors have to say?

“I feel like all of her concerns about the 24th still apply to the 29th. It’s 4 days,” said HappyCoconutty.

“My and my Grandfather’s birthdays were 6 days apart (20th/26th). We always used to celebrate together. It’s one of the things I miss about him now, even 30 years after he’s gone,” said ihaventgotany.

“My daughter shares her birthday with one of her cousins. It is the same exact date. My daughter and nephew are 17 now and it has never been an issue. They thought it was cool when they were younger and are pretty neutral about it now. I like it because I have a big family and this makes it easier for me to remember this particular nephew’s birthday. Both of my kids were born around holidays and we always floated their parties to a day that made more sense. That also has never been an issue. If the poster is really concerned about this then they can alternate who gets the weekend before and who gets the weekend after,” shared Mannings4head.

“Oh FFS, parents like this are how you end up with those assholes who expect special treatment because it’s their ‘birthday month.’ I do not get parents who flip their shit over their kid sharing a birthday with someone else or a holiday (and I say that as a parent of a kid whose birthday is January 1st),” said NeedANap1116.

“A cousin and I share a birthday. We LOVE it and have since we were little. I mean, why make it into a competitive thing? If anything, it gave us an extra little bond. This ‘I don’t want to share my little girl’s birthday, I want it to be her day’ kind of crap is what makes for kids who grow up to think the world turns on a dime around them and their every whim,” said KeeperOfTheArcane197.

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