24 Men Share Times They’ve Personally Been Affected By Toxic Masculinity


I remember in High School (I went to an all-boys school), I would go to watch my older sister play hockey, and I’d get made fun of. I never understood what the problem with going to watch a women’s hockey game was, especially one where my older sister was playing. —SharkPerson


Gay rugby player, apparently only played to touch the guys… f-ck that you old fat f-cker with a 48inch waist, no I don’t want to touch your micro penis. Oh and here’s a hand off to the face! —gingeadventures


Getting sh—t on for not caring about sports. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to spend my time watching men run around a field. And no, I don’t want to play sport video games either —ChrisIsaPrickX26


For being straight but exclusively using the gay trainers on Peloton. They are more fun and have better music, sorry not sorry. —rafferty85


People act like I’m suspicious or dangerous when I travel alone with my daughter.

Every time I go out in public without her mother I get people watching me closely. I parked my car in a parking lot to feed her lunch a while back (didn’t want to take her inside due to COVID) and a group of people gawked and circled our vehicle in their truck a few times. That is not an uncommon experience for me.

I’m legitimately afraid to take her into a family bathroom because I fear some Karen is going to call the police and tell them I am doing something unspeakable because God forbid a man act like a nurturing parent in public. I’m scared I’m going to get a gun pulled on me in front of my daughter.

A lot of people assume that a lone man with a child or adjacent to children is a predator by default.

If they’re not assuming I’m a predator, I still get comments like “Babysitting for mom?” No, I’m not babysitting for mom. I am her parent and I’m every bit as capable at it as her mother. Me taking my child to the park and feeding her lunch isn’t “babysitting” just because I am doing it alone. —OlDBY37


I paint my nails and hooooooo boy the amount of sexist, homophobic, and downright ignorant comments I would get from people while at work astounded me. Like, why? A–holes —connorjacobz


A girl threw herself at me when I was 14, and I turned her down.

Healthy reaction: I don’t really know her, she’s my sister’s best friend, and I’m just not ready.

Toxic male inspired reaction: Why didn’t I just f-ck her? What’s wrong with me? Am I gay? —AlterEdward


People would make fun of me for watching certain movies, or being smaller than everyone else, or wanting to be seen as “cute.” It got to a point where I was so self conscious that I’d be embarrassed listening to a song where a woman was singing. —Sadboi225


Been pressured into doing things like trying beer because it’s “what men do.” —FDRip


After the final exam, my classmates and I went to a nearby bar to drink our pains away. I ordered a lime Margarita and was mocked by both the males and females that it was a girly drink. Same thing when I ordered a long Island afterwards. (I’ve now moved to cosmopolitans, since three or four can get me happy drunk, and tastes awesome!) —Northerncanadianbacn