24 Men Share Times They’ve Personally Been Affected By Toxic Masculinity


I’m a fairly good looking guy, I seem to be a type for many. Not that I identify with being handsome, it’s just clear people are physically attracted to me more than average.

With that said, I lost count of the amount of time women have made inappropriate remarks, or came on to me in ways that we’re well beyond comfortable, and my male colleagues or friends made fun of me when trying to get out of these extremely cringey and awkward situations. Because I was just supposed to go and f-ck these women, right?

First world problem, I know. —Speemeister


I grew up in a cowboy town. I saw a guy fall off his horse and break his leg. He refused to be helped off and insisted in getting back on his horse and riding out. There was an ambulance right there. —DarrenEdwards


I accidentally had firecrackers blow the skin off of my fingers when I was 12. I refused to scream or cry because I didn’t want to seem wimpy.

I still never let people see me in pain, physically or emotionally, I just feel judged. —Donkey-brained_man


I was constantly called gay in middle school and high school because I was single, had good hygiene habbits, and was generally respectful towards women. —notmatimio