These Are All The Really Inappropriate Questions People Have That You Might Too

There is a taboo about asking certain things for a reason. It’s rude to get too personal with people you don’t know well, for one, and if you don’t know something it’s probably outside your experience or the experience of anyone you’re close to.

So, if it was cool to ask whatever, we’d have a bunch of people hounding virtual strangers about their personal life, which would suck for them.

But that doesn’t stop curiousity!

Redditor u/The_Jizzbot came up with a pretty good solution for getting your curiosity satisfied without having to invade someone’s private life. On r/AskReddit they inquired, “What is a really inappropriate question you would like an answer to?”

This way, people can decide whether or not to participate and share their experiences or not. They don’t even have to look at the thread if they don’t want to. However, I highly recommend it.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in there and some answers to questions I didn’t even know I wanted to inappropriately ask. Learn more than you bargained for below:

1. Why is there a seam on the ballsack? —Rubyloveskisses

All humans basically develop as females before the Y chromosome takes over in bio males.

Because of this, human genitals are actually anatomically analogous. The penile head is a large clit (And the foreskin is the clit hood), the testicles are descended ovaries, the prostate is a smaller, nutrient-producing uterus, etc…

In the case of the ball sack, it’s because in women that body part would be the labia. The labia in developing bio males elongates and basically stiches the 2 sides together, making the ball sack seam. (Also, the hole the testes comes out of is the vaginal hole in women) —Cross55

2. I am not a native English speaker, so that might help you understand why I ask such a stupid thing. What the hell do you say when you are using the bathroom and someone knocks on the door? —amca12006

“Occupied” or “Im in here” —NormalAdultMale

I’ve replied with “Come In” —umanouski

3. How much TP do you use? I realize it differs depending on what has come out. But I feel like I use a lot compared to others. —nofartknockin

Oddly I’ve had this conversation before and it depends on the BRAND for one thing. I lived in the US and I used 8 sheets (don’t ask me why I know this). Someone else in my house said they used 10.

Butt while talking to some UK people they said they all used 4-5 and we realized this is because TP in the UK is thick lol Even the off brand shit is way better than the US. —avalanchefan95

I use 3-4 at a time. Fold it in half or more to make it 1-1.5 squares in size (multi layered). Wipe. Fold. Wipe. Fold. Wipe. Repeat if necessary. —TrekForce

8 squares??? YOU PEOPLE MEASURE IN SQUARES??? I use a roll every two shits, 3 if it’s an extra large roll, how the fuck are your asses so clean??? I pull the roll down as it spins and spins, use all of that and use more, still more, finally done after like 20 minutes of wiping… and you tell me you measure in squares??? Wow. —CrunchyPanda1

4. What height do wheelchair-bound people state in their passports? —poncicle

I have a standing table that I use to train my leg muscles as I don’t use them a lot (wheelchair, obviously). When standing in it someone can measure me and I use that height on my ID’s. Before I did that I just guessed and they accepted it. —DistressedCarbon

I worked with a few disabled adults that all had their “standing” heights ! Easily can be measured horizontally when laying down —Low_Bodybuilder_9471

5. What is the masturbation policy for astronauts in the space station long term? —skytrash

There’s some good tours on youtube, all the astronauts have private sleeping boxes. —crochetfiend

Into a tissue. I watched an interview from an astronaut and he said that’s how he did it —niconicole123

6. When multiple ladies go to the bathroom together, is there a code of conduct as to what can and can’t be discussed or done (like no deuces Tour bus rules)? —highmodulus

There are actually fewer rules about what can be discussed in the bathroom than in public.

Also, you will never find anyone more supportive, kind, encouraging, and selfless than drunk girls in a bathroom. We’re talking total strangers here. They will hold your hair while you puke, tell you how much they love your outfit, how much they love you, that you’re way too good for that asshole, etc. —I_RATE_BIRDS

Drunk girls in the ladies room are a damn treasure and must be protected at all costs. They are the purest, sweetest hype women ever and I miss encountering them. —knittininthemitten

7. How variable is sexual stamina for most dudes?—Mikeymikemickey

Unbelievably. It’s honestly the most frustrating part about sex for me. I genuinely have no idea how long I’m going to last while going into it. Though, I have found that pleasing the woman first has proven they care less how long I last when they’re already “finished” —IvanFilipovic

As a dude… It took me waaay too long to figure out that LADIES FIRST primarily applies to sexytime. But absolutely the answer. Some guys take a long time to nut and some don’t. For me it’s so variable. It depends on morning or night, intoxication, mood etc.. but none of that really matters if you are a cunning linguist! —Shardstorm88

8. How the f—k is one supposed to shave their own a— and is it weird to have to do that? —True_Fatal_Error

Shave a homies ass and have him shave yours —SaucepanSamurai

My time to shine!! I in particular shave my ass hole but not like the cheeks of my ass. Anyways the way I do it is I usually squat and essentially use one hand to carefully and slowly make sure I’m shaving the area. Again I cannot stress this. Slowly and carefully. Be patient with the process. This is to avoid cutting yourself and a cut butthole may mean an ER visit.

Also I have been looking into waxing for the sake of ease and less shaving.

Also I’m a man.

edit: Lots of folks suggest I wax, I probably will soon.

Why do I shave the butt hole? Wiping when pooping is the primary reason. Also I’m straight. Had some interesting PMs…

Edit2: I’ve been recommended getting a bidet, waxing, and laser hair removal. Thank you lol —sirachillies

9. Inappropriate race question: Why do Black people in America have names that are so different? In the UK black people were named like… “Bob” or “Michael” or “Carl” and in america theyre named “Daquan” or “Lu Doni” or “Rashon”.

Is it because they wanted to choose their own names, and be nothing like white people when slavery was ended? was it because they didn’t even have names? I’m sure theres lots of black americans who are named like.. “Robert” or so, but I’ve never come across a black person in the UK with a name so dissimilar from the white people. in the UK “Bob Smith” could be either black or white.

No offense intended to anyone, I’m just curious. —DarkJarris

During various Black power movements in the 60s and 70s, many Black americans changed their names because they likely came from the people who enslaved their ancestors (especially last names). It was a way to reclaim power. That’s why Malcolm X changed his last name from “Little” to “X”.

“Little” came from the slave masters of his relatives. As for first names, many Black people sought to reject names of European origin. But because it was and still is almost impossible to find the names of specific ancestors from specific parts of Africa, most of the names had to be created from the general characteristics of African languages, as well as Arabic, French, and biblical names.

That’s why these names are uniquely american. A lot of these names have prefixes like J’- and Le- and suffixes like -onte and -isha.

There is so much more detail and nuance to this topic, but I hope this is an adequate summary. —snooopert

10. Is there much variety in the “taste” of different people’s vaginas as there is when some people talk about taste of cum? Like, different acidities, maybe sweetness, saltiness, depending on eating habits and whatnot. —GermanXPeace

Yes, it varies from person to person and also the taste of a person varies somewhat according to a few factors: how much they are turned on, hygiene etc. —StSpider

i can tell when my girl is about to cum. like if she’s JUST ABOUT to get there. the taste slightly changes and the amount and the “viscosity” if that makes sense. like it’ll be more slippery than usual.

thats my cue to not change it up and keep it going till shes over the hill. —nitraw

11. I have always wondered if the people that wait for marriage to have sex think it was worth the hype —Yo-Yomaster152

My wife didn’t at first after we got hitched. She liked the intimacy, but didn’t really care for sex itself.

Turns out she’d never had an orgasm. Not even on her own. It took a bit to figure out how to get it right, but I’ll never forget what she said.

“Wow, is that what it’s like for you EVERY time?”

Got a whole more enthusiastic after that 😀 —Sajomir

12. When blind people trip, do they see things? —bradosaurusrex

If you weren’t blind all the time, like if you went blind later in your life you might have visual hallucinations on for example LSD. If you were blind from the start then no, just the other senses hallucinate. —Mephistopheles97

13. Why is it called a ‘blow-job’ and not a ‘suck-job’ —herumdegumff

Supposedly it was once called a “below the belt” job, and a couple hundred years shortened the phrase —mazes-end

14. Edit: I’m a guy. Period. How much blood are we talking about? For how many days? —sandgu

I’m hearing a lot of “heavy flow, light flow” notes in these replies, but if you’re wondering what the actual RATE of bleeding is, then I would say that when I used to have periods, a “heavy flow” day meant I would “drip” once every 5-10 seconds or so consistently throughout the day.

Super light flow days could mean I didn’t even notice it until I used the restroom and wiped myself–you would see the blood on TP but there were no drips.

The length varies by person, but for me it was typically 1 light day, 2-3 heavy days, then 2-3 light days again. When it’s regular, the period will start every 28 days after the previous period’s start date (not from the end date). So you’re bleeding 1/4 of the time for decades. Fun!

Also, period blood isn’t like normal blood. It’s often brown, chunky, and smells like death. —tabeo