backhanded compliments

31 People Reveal The “Most Insulting Compliment” They Ever Got

It’s nice when someone gives you a compliment, but sometimes there’s a thorn on that rose because it’s actually a backhanded compliment. A lot of people have perfected the art of couching an insult in praise and it seems like everyone has met at least one of them. Redditor u/Squoody posted the question, “What’s the most insulting compliment you have ever gotten?” on r/AskReddit, and you might want to take notes. Some of these insults seem like they might be accidents… but not all of them.

Scroll through for the rudest nice things you’ve ever read.

   backhanded compliments   


“Wow, you look so cute today! I didn’t even recognize you at first” —lazyginger


Being awarded “Most Improved” three years in a row. —ToastAndASideOfToast


I’m on a couple roller hockey teams and one of them has an obsessive captain that keeps a Google spreadsheet of stats for every player that he updates and sends out at the end of every season. I’m number one in seasons played and games played. I’ve been the record holder in these categories for a long time.

It’s like getting a participation trophy, but with a “#1” on it. —Brawndo91


My friend was complaining about creeps hitting on her, then she told me “I wish I could be invisible like you.” —meri_28


“You actually look good!” The emphasis on ‘actually’ and the surprise in my friends voice still haunts me. —pat_patrol


My mother is the queen of backhanded compliments. She is completely unable to say anything nice to me without it somehow being couched in criticism, and always indirectly. The latest one was announced loudly, in a room full of my friends at Christmas: “I can’t beliiiiiiiieve how beautiful my daughter can look when she actually pulls her sh*t together!”

Her mother was even more critical, so she comes by it honestly. I actively strive to make sure I don’t do this, but I sometimes f—k up. Moms. —Wicked_Creative


Says someone else is super ugly, then “You’re even prettier than her!”. —The-Berger

backhanded compliments


“Wow you’re really good! I bet you could even play guitar if you wanted.” Said to me, after a gig. Im a bassist. —WastaSpace


You’re so funny! Now I get why she’s dating you —nails_for_breakfast


“At least you don’t look like a boy anymore” – when I was growing out my hair more —OkDuck1