31 People Reveal The “Most Insulting Compliment” They Ever Got


“I have a fat girl fetish” made me lose weight though so worked out for the best. —whatgray


You’re so brave to be out and about as a lesbian in such a conservative city. (I’m straight, just had short hair.) —tulip_n_chocolate

backhanded compliments


Someone told me I have a voice for radio, I said thanks I have a face for radio too and they enthusiastically said Yeah, you do! —motorbike-t


I said hello to someone in what I thought was a perfectly normal voice and they laughed and said, “Wow! You do a great robot voice!” —annasfanfic


“Wow your face almost makes up for (pauses) the rest” —alltheselittleones

backhanded compliments


Surprised this is on here yet…

But anything ending in: “…..for a girl.”

Even as a guy I cringe when I hear it.

As for me personally…

“You speak so well…” for a black guy. —Junk4Brains


Oh, man. So a few years ago, I went with a friend who was bringing her special needs daughter to the dentist. She had 3 or 4 other kids at the time, so I went along to keep the other kids busy. We’re in the lobby after, and the girl who had the appointment was in her wheelchair and super happy. This lady leans over, fusses a but, and then coos, “I like all sorts of people.” I was young enough to just be stunned into silence. Her mom was gracious about it, but WOW, lady, shut up. —siel04


“I can find something attractive in anyone, like Context, your eyebrows are really nice.” She genuinely thought that was a nice compliment —ContextIsForTheWeak


Ya know, you’d be STUNNING if you lost a few pounds! You’re pretty NOW, but if you lost the weight * Italian chef finger kiss * —Mrs_carroll

backhanded compliments


“I don’t know why everyone hates you and thinks you’re annoying. You seem okay to me!”

High school sucked —dexterr96