31 People Reveal The “Most Insulting Compliment” They Ever Got


“You’re smarter than I thought” helping my then BEST friend in a math class. —hardycash


“Don’t worry, I think of you as white.” A workmate trying to make me feel better after a racist slur was used against me. He thought it was a compliment…sigh. —MdmMedeux


“You’re still pretty hot for a woman with small tits” bitch what? —BABYPUNK


“It’s good to see your’re still trying.” From a rando on a dating site. —Brother_Boomstick

backhanded compliments


One of my older coworkers says ‘Good girl’ instead of ‘Thank you’ to me. —Bastion34


“You look better without your glasses.” Hmmmmm….that’s funny, you look better without my glasses too —kc-fan


After buying a couple new pairs of shoes at the Vans store: “You’re gonna be the coolest old guy out there.” Kid, I’ve been wearing Vans since long before you were born. —zJohnnyC


I’m not doing what I went to college to do (i’m probably not alone in this 🙂 but I’m gainfully employed and have been at the same company for over 15 years. My sister told me one day “you are smart and someday you’ll be doing something that puts your intelligence to use” (paraphrasing). She has no idea what I do. I haven’t decided yet if that was an unintentional insult or a real one. —tooboredtobebusy


“Your hair looks really good, I like a little grey!”

…I had no idea I had grey hair. —ryanino


When I was 16 I was told by an old lady taking my measurements for my prom dress that I must be German because I had such wide birthing hips. I mean I am German, so… —AggieChristie


I was talking to a woman online years ago, and when we were talking about going on a date, she casually mentioned that “looks don’t matter to me, and you have a good personality”. Ouch, I canceled the date.

I mean, I feel ugly but I couldn’t stand dating someone who agreed. —mkicon

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