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26 Husbands Share Their “I’m So Gonna Marry This Girl” Moments

People get married for all sorts of reasons, including duress, but true love is what most people hope for. The only problem is, how do you know it’s real? In this old r/AskReddit thread unearthed by Buzzfeed and started by Redditor u/TheLastVyzzor, lots of people shared when they “knew” in response to the question, “Husbands of Reddit, what was your ‘I’m so gonna marry this girl’ moment?”

The answers are a mixture of sweet and absurd, proving that love really does strike at the oddest times. When you know, you know, even if the reason you know is ridiculous.

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1. Hope you tipped her?

We had been on a few dates and it was my birthday. She asked what I wanted for my birthday. I sarcastically suggested a 12 pack of beer, a box of condoms and her in that tennis skirt I saw her in on Facebook.

Sure enough, she showed up to my apartment with a 12 pack, condoms and wearing that tennis skirt. I had dated a lot of high maintenance girls who weren’t all the comfortable with themselves in a lot of ways. I knew from this she was way different.

I would come to find out she was a goddess in a lot of other ways too. But seeing her in the door way looking every bit the dream for my birthday made me know she was definitely a keeper. —juicethebrick


She went to ‘hop’ on the bed, miscalculated how springy it was, bounced off and got stuck between the bed and the bedside table. Upside-down, legs flailing in the air. She couldn’t free herself, and I was too incapacitated with laughter to help her for a good 5 minutes. —Merlord


We had only been dating for three months, so still some awkwardness here and there. I was working an outrageous amount, and I got phone call that one of my very good friends had just died in a car accident. I don’t really remember walking there, but instead of my apartment, I ended up at hers. She opened the door to her new boyfriend half-ugly-sobbing.
Instead of being (rightly) weirded out, she listened and cried with me for a couple hours.
The friend who died was the one who had encouraged me (for like six months) to ask my now-wife out. My friend never knew the impact she had.
My wife and I have been married for eight years now. —d_b_cooper


She was spending the night at my place and woke up about 3 am in severe discomfort. Over an hour she started to hurt worse so I took her to the ER.

At the ER, she was screaming in pain but they wouldn’t give her any pain meds without first doing a pregnancy test. Of course she went to the bathroom while I was registering her, so she didn’t have anything to give.

It was while she was in the room in the ER, miserable in pain and waiting for the pain meds to kick in that I realized I really cared for her and wanted to make our relationship more permanent.

It turned out that she was having a kidney stone and not an alien chest-burster. She struggled with that problem for years until we find the cause.

Bonus: I met her mother for the first time that morning. On one hand I hate the circumstances, but on the other I’m glad I was able to show I could take care of her daughter. —G3NOM3

5. The long ride.

She traveled 2 hours by bus and train to see me on my half an hour lunch break. We’re due to be married in 3 weeks. —Seriousdolla

how you know she's the one, how you know she's the one askreddit, i'm gonna marry her, i'm gonna marry her askreddit


Mine was when I imagined what it would be like to not have my then-girlfriend around. It was an eye opener. I suddenly realized how precious she had become to me. It made me see how much I loved her, and how great we worked together. We’ve been married almost 8 years and are going strong! —robbzilla


Lost my car in a parking garage after I bungled the night by forgetting my wallet on a fairly expensive Italian dinner date. I was embarrased and mortified.

I just wanted to cut my losses and get home. I was really trying to impress her and literally anything that could go wrong did. To cap the night off I forgot where I parked my car because I was flustered from everything that had gone wrong.

After 20 minutes or so of me running around this parking garage, going level to level, running hand in hand. I could feel her glare and and annoyment on the back of my neck. It was growing. I could feel her quietly thinking “well, this was the worst date I’ve ever been on.”

The humiliation finally overcame me and I stopped and turned around. Maybe to appologize profusely, I don’t know, still don’t know. I was preparing myself for that look on her face. She was smiling. She started to laugh. Not at me. But with me, ..without me. Almost inviting me to laugh with her about this poor bastard’s luck. A large wave of relief washed over the dreadful evening.

We stood there on level 2 of the Newport on the Levee parking garage just laughing. I knew at that precise moment that I wanted to marry her. 6 years later, we are married with two kids.

When we gave our vows, we both unknowingly had written of that exact night in Newport and that exact moment. I think perhaps for me, I had fallen in love before, but with her.. I never wanted to fall in love again. —gregkiel


She asked if I would move to Boise, Idaho with her, and I thought, I’d move to Hell to be with her. —Sun_Of_Dorne

how you know she's the one, how you know she's the one askreddit, i'm gonna marry her, i'm gonna marry her askreddit


Being with her was (and has been, going on 20 years in 2018,) effortless. There was no drama, no having to explain my jokes, my references. She was as nerdy as I was and am. It just occurred to me that we should marry. So, I started saying in conversation “When we get married…”

Almost 20 years later we’ve been married almost 18 years. We’re still very passionately in love, and it just keeps getting better. —dramboxf


When I was 16, an insanely hot girl messaged me on Myspace (yeah, I know) because we had mutual friends and she thought I was cute. We hit it off, started dating, and a few months later I left her in Texas to go on a trip with my family to see my grandparents in Indiana.

It was the first time we’d been apart for more than a day or two since we’d been together, and the separation was brutal for a pair of teenage love birds. We spent almost every night of that trip talking on the phone until 3 or 4am, laughing, telling each other secrets and sharing our hopes and fears for the future.

She was brilliant – talking to her simultaneously felt like I was going on a big adventure and I’d found my way home all at the same time. That was the first time I’d ever felt like every minute spent away from her was a complete waste of time, and that feeling never really went away. We’ve been together 12 years now, and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

Sometimes you get it right on the first try, folks. —Serial_Doubter