Non-Americans Are Dragging Americans For What They “Can’t Live Without”


“Cheddar cheese, and jumbo everything’ – -butter-toast-


“Material consumption. This is true in most places but from my observation it seems to go to another level in America. Everyone spends so much time discussing the latest thing they bought and how great it is.” – TauCeti2050


“High fructose corn syrup. ._.” – not_so_close


“War? Jk but I read somewhere in al layout history you’ve only had 17 years when you weren’t at war with someone or the other” – Babebodysuit


“Garburators. Every time an American was house-hunting on House Hunters International, the Americans always wanted a garburator and would be disappointed if the kitchens didn’t have one. Why not just put your garbage in the garbage bin instead of down the sink?” – Queef_Quaff

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