25 Pawnshop Employees Share The “Most Illegal Thing” A Customer Tried To Pawn


“A school security guard pawned his service pistol and other equipment. He got caught by his supervisor carrying around a pellet gun.”—arca5


“Not a pawn shop owner or employee, but a block away from my high school was a pawn shop. It was announced that everyone in the entire school was going to get a Chromebook to do school work. On the first day that we got the Chromebooks, it was rumored that multiple people had brought them to the pawn shop to make a quick buck. I asked one of my teachers who was in charge of all the Chromebook repairs about this later and he said that only one student had actually done it that he knew of, and he had used the money to buy weed.”ozmad



“Employee here, not an owner. But I don’t know if it’s necessarily illegal but one time I guy brought me a handful of human teeth with bloody roots and gold filings. He wanted me to extract the gold. I said no thanks bro.”—sickofmasshysteria


“When I was the new kid, someone tried to pawn a machine gun. Not like “oh, this is a rifle that has select-fire capability.” This kid brought in a 1919 belt-fed machine gun. The kind they mount inside WW2 tanks to shoot at Germans.”—similar_observation


“Ok I’m not a pawn shop owner but I know a few. One thing I’ve seen was a guy who brought in smoke grenades and M249 SAW belts that he had stolen from our local military drill center. Another was a guy at a local gun store who brought in a pistol that had an illegal oil filter suppressor on it. They told the guy “get the f*ck out and go destroy that thing.”— flyingshark111 

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