People Are Sharing The Worst Gifts They’ve Received (25 Pics)

Everyone loves receiving a gift, but only if it’s thoughtful. There’s nothing more disappointing than someone giving you a rude gift because they felt obligated to or they decided to regift something they didn’t like.

People who’ve received such gifts are sharing their stories in this AskReddit thread. See if any of these are worse than yours.


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When I was 8, I told my gran that I liked jeeps. So every year, for Christmas I got a crappier jeep. The first year was a model. Ok I like models I put it together it was fun. Next year was a remote. Then a matchbox. and so on. When I was 15 she gave me a jeep calendar. I love my gran so I hung the calendar and told her I loved it.

On my 16th Christmas, she gives me a key ring that says Jeep. UGH. Then asks me to go out and get some preserves from the barn. In the barn was a brand new 86 jeep! Gran plays the long game.


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My ex-boyfriend gave me a pack of cigarettes after I had quit for 3 months to “celebrate my progress”.

The most memorable thing he gave me was chlamydia though.


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Growing up I used to hate that my uncle would get all of us kids the same $1 pair of cheap one size fits all gloves. I clearly remember thinking how I’d really rather just have the dollar, and yet he never failed to get them for us. It was always the last gift my cousins and I would open… Thanks uncle Craig.

Craig was developmentally disabled, and although he was well into his 30’s when we were kids he would come out into the street and play baseball with us, he’d ride bikes across town with us, buy us beer and nudey mags when we were older… And yet every year, these damn gloves even when we were grown adults and his health was fading, and we all moved away. This will be Christmas number 3 without Uncle Craig, and as I look back at it now it makes more sense. He was living in a shack that he was renting for $350 a month there were 15 nieces and nephews… We knew he couldn’t afford to get us any toys or anything, but he wanted us to have something more meaningful than a dollar bill, and Christmas was his favorite holiday.

RIP Uncle Craig. I wish there was a poorly wrapped pair of gloves under my tree this year.


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I met my wife in january of 2010. For her birthday in July I bought her a crockpot. She was …..appreciative, but later had told me she was upset. Her sister told her to break up with me cause what kind of guy buys his new girlfriend kitchen appliances.

About 2 months later she finds a recipe she wants to try and busts out the crockpot. Inside it she finds a smaller gift. It was a brand new ipod touch.

She was pissed.


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My wife used to give me things that were intended for herself.

This was a win-win for her and a lose-lose for me. She could give me something, then get mad at me for being unappreciative.

One time, she gave me a frilly picture frame, thinking I would never use it. I thanked her and took it to work.


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It was nothing. My in-laws bring gifts for my husband but not me because I’m not “real family”.


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About 10 years ago my uncle was giving out Christmas gifts to everyone in the family. He’s mentally handicapped but he makes sure to go to the dollar store to buy everyone something, typically mugs. Now my uncle doesn’t really put much thought into who gets what mug. He just wraps the mug and puts someone’s name on it. Sometimes people get multiple mugs and other times you get none because he doesn’t keep track of who has already been assigned a mug. Well, my cousin was married to a Muslim (it’s relevant, I promise) and her gift was a mug that said, “Jesus loves you.” It was the only religious-themed mug out of probably 50 and she got it. The entire family was laughing, including her. She thought it was great.


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I’m gonna speak on my husband’s behalf here. We don’t speak to his family or see them at all, there’s a history of abuse and just a lot of toxicity so we cut them out of our lives. It’s been almost 3 years of radio silence, which is amazing and it was absolutely the right choice for us. Whelp, unfortunately, my husband’s parents live in the same city as us and they know where we go to church. So this year, on my husband’s birthday, my MIL dropped off a gift at our church for him because she doesn’t know where we live and can’t contact us any other way.

The gift was the DVD of the movie I Can Only Imagine. If you’re not familiar with the premise of the movie, let me fill you in. It’s about a man who was abused by his father as a boy. He leaves home and stops having a relationship with his dad. Years go by and the man decides to reconcile and rebuild a relationship with his dad, who was previously abusive but because he found God, he isn’t anymore.

It was really f**ked up to get that movie from someone who manipulated and abused my husband until his early twenties. So that gift absolutely takes the cake. And in the event MIL or the family finds this comment and reads it (though I doubt they use reddit), the only thing I’ll say directly to you in 3 years is “Shame on you.”


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I’m Asian. My secret Santa gave me a box of instant rice. I wasn’t offended by the rice. I was offended that it was the instant kind.


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My sister received a brand-new bike…..on MY birthday. My grandmother felt bad, so on her birthday she got me an Encyclopedia


My extremely cheap uncle visited my family once for Christmas and upon his arrival, he gave me and my brother the chips that he had gotten on the airplane. This man is a Neurosurgeon.


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It wasn’t really the gift itself, but what my dad said after I opened it.

It was one of those ninja blenders that a lot of people starting using instead of juicers. I was 16 when my dad gave the blender to me, even though I had never expressed any interest in wanting or needing one.

After I opened it, he said he chose this gift because he wanted me to live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully lose a few pounds.

At the time, I was taking ballet classes 5 days a week, and I often performed with my dance troupe on the weekends, so I was pretty fit at the time.

It didn’t help that he said this in front of his entire side of family.


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My mother-in-law gave my wife and I a book about surviving infidelity. Neither of us has ever cheated on the other in 20 years of marriage. Merry Christmas.


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Nothing. One year my very well-off (we’re talking millionaires) aunt and uncle got everyone in the family a gift except for me because suddenly, since I was 20, I was “too old” for gifts. But all the other aunts and uncles got gifts, so it wasn’t just me being singled out among the many cousins, but among EVERYONE. If they were not absolutely loaded and they had also not given anything to the other 18+ people I might have understood. But they didn’t.

As an already very stressed out, poor (parents were lower class) college student it really upset me. I spent most of the celebration crying in the bathroom and trying to hide it.


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An ashtray. I was 7 years old. I didn’t smoke then, and I don’t smoke now.


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As a small child I got a water bottle and a helmet for Christmas and nothing else. I was totally pissed because I thought my mom just thought I was extra special and needed a helmet to not hurt myself while running around and that I was especially underhydrated. Turns out I had actually gotten a bicycle for Christmas but all of my presents were stolen except for the helmet and water bottle. The worst gift I received wasn’t those presents, it was the knowledge that the world is a cruel and uncaring place.


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My husband received his recently deceased grandfather’s used disposable razor as a Christmas gift from his grandmother. Complete with hair and all.


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A box of Hillshire Farms sausages from my wife’s grandparents. I’m a vegetarian, they had known me for 10 years at this point.


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My uncle got me a taxidermied dove for my 9th birthday.


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When I was twelve my grandmother gave me a one-foot-tall statue of a frog playing the flute for Christmas. She gave my brother bananas and a granola bar.


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I got a spray that you use against foot odor from my Sister last Christmas, she had packed in a box for a power tool I wanted so I went from excited to disappoint.

She got quite an expensive set of fancy soaps and body products + a gift card from me.

Apparently, she gave the power tool to some friend and gave me the box.


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I was in 7th grade and dating my first ever boyfriend. He lived in the next town over (about 20 min to drive). His friends were dating my friends (there were several of us girls all dating these cooler out of town boys.)

We spent our Christmas gift giving night at the bowling alley and took turns making out in the alleyway behind the bowling alley. It was my first kiss and I was awful. Like open mouth shark breaching for a seal.

That’s another story-we each received a gift. They had group picked out necklaces to match our personalities. Sarah got the one with a sports pendant, long chain to match her long hair. Elizabeth got the dainty chain and tiny heart with a jewel, because she was girly and dainty. Leah got the cross with a jewel, because she was religious and it was her favorite color. I got the fake gold biker chain with nothing on it, because it was “manly like you are.” So my friends all got cute little dainty necklaces and I got the equivalent of a something you’d see around the neck of a man with a hairy chest that is trying to sell you stereos that his brother got at a cheap price.


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My grandmother got me a nightgown one year. I’m a guy.


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Had a friend that received a gift from another friend of ours. It was a McDonald’s gift card. When he went to use it there was nothing on it.


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My sister got me a rat as a gift. I’m f**king terrified of rats but I decided to let it be and see if it helped curb my fear of them. It did not.

Instead, while I was sleeping it got out of it’s cage, crawled up on my bed, and started chewing on my lip. Didn’t sleep for a week after that. Thoughtful gift in the sense she was trying to help but dear God it made my fear so much worse.