20+ Things That Have Completely Lost Their Original Purpose — As Shared In This Viral Thread

Products can go through a hundred rounds of development and testing only to release it to the public and find out they might use it for something totally different than the intended purpose.

It’s not uncommon that the new use for the product becomes the main thing it’s used for. If the company is smart, they will lean into the new discovery, but some corporations can’t accept that they overlooked something. Who knows, maybe Hitachi will come around one day. 

People on Reddit are answering this question:

Here are some of their most interesting answers. 

1. Super glue.

2. NyQuil

3. WD-40

4. Excel

5. Cookie tins.

6. Paintball guns

7. Rogaine.

8. The Snuggy.

9. The slinky

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10. The History Channel

11. Pipe Cleaners

12. Viagra

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13. Whiskey

14. Beer bottles

15. Q-Tips

16. Massagers

17. MTV

18. Play-Doh

19. The 5th jeans pocket.

20. The eggplant emoji


21. Toilet lids.

The toilet lid of a toilet. Seen too many not even knowing you’re supposed to put the lid down before flushing. Microscopic fecal matter flies everywhere otherwise. Apparently, this isn’t common knowledge. 

— u/ShroomyKat


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