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25 People Share “The Most Ridiculous Reason” They’ve Ever Been Dumped


“The girl told me she thought this boy who she had a crush on for a long time was gonna ask her out. She said this to me. Her then-bf.”—gerry1doherty2


“One of my exes dumped me saying that he wanted to “be like Paul”—from the bible…”—Mother-Bored


“I (a 14-year-old) wouldn’t take her (a 14-year-old) virginity in a Burger King bathroom. Welcome to Ireland.”— luwismerti


“My boyfriend broke up with me because he was moving away to go to puppet school.”—gingerbakes


“I was dating a guy whose parents didn’t like me. It was a long-distance relationship, and so we mostly chatted online but also made occasional phone calls. So we were talking on the phone, and at one point I said, “You shouldn’t have to choose between me and your parents…” The conversation continued, we decided to break up. We stayed friends. Something like 10 years later, we were talking online when the subject of our breakup came up. Turns out he thought I had said, “You should have to choose between me and your parents…” and decided that he wasn’t going to do that. I would never give someone that kind of ultimatum, that would be ridiculous. It blew my mind that a single misheard word caused us to break up, and we didn’t realize it for 10 years.”—emeraldglimmer


“Apparently I gave her too much anxiety when I bought her a coffee that one morning and she broke up with me the same week Edit: I gave her the drink in front of my locker in high school before class started. but I didn’t buy her a coffee it was a hot chocolate. Where I’m from in Canada getting someone a “coffee” can mean just any drink. I got her a hot chocolate cuz she was a picky eater and didn’t like coffee or tea. But I liked her and wanted to surprise her with a warm drink on that cold day.”—wannabeaviking


“We were 14 and I wore a tank top for the first time in his presence. Turned out I had way more cleavage than he was comfortable with and he dumped me over the phone.”—zukazuk


“’I’m not ready for a relationship.’ I thought it was a bad time to bring that up since we were engaged and had been together for almost 2 years.”—SC487


“Wait…you guys are getting reasons?”—nimit74


“Twin complex? Her twin got jealous. She was the older sister of her twin sibling. They came from a conservative and sheltered family. I was her first boyfriend. She wasn’t going to school (summer break) or have a working at that moment. When we first started going out, her younger twin sister would text her non-stop, then she would make up excuses that her stomach hurts and ask her to come home.

I tried to talk to her younger sister and she definitely made it seem like I was stealing her property away. I made a compromise with her to see her at least once a week. I was making time for her even though I was working full time while she had no job/school. In the end, her sister’s jealously made it impossible to develop any kind of healthy relationship with her. They were both 23 at the time and would spend most of their time cosplaying (dressing up as anime characters). The weirdest part was they would often dress as the couples in the anime and even photoshop themselves kissing/making out. So yea, I was attracted to her kindness, since her sister was actually a really caring person. But it turns out there was a reason why they never dated.”—ToldNoOne