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25 People Share “The Most Ridiculous Reason” They’ve Ever Been Dumped


She thought I killed her horse (it wasn’t actually her horse) with voodoo (it hung itself) because I was jealous (it was a horse.)—rosiedoes


I wish I still had the text … Long story short. She was mad I DIDN’T grab her ass … In public.. On our first date—PortugueseBenny


After going out with this guy for 6 months I asked him if we were dating and he immediately ghosted me. Edit: Yes, we were both full grown adults (late 20’s) and yes, he had issues.—purelyparadox23


She found out the truck I was driving was owned by my mom—ryanhedden1


“God told me not to date you. I’m sorry.” And guess what: this happened TWICE. (With two different girls)—WaggDagg

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