32 Ridiculous Things Customer Service Workers Have Had To Explain To Adults


“You cannot return an item that you no longer have in your possession.” –Yippee614


“If your payment term is 6 weeks, being on holiday for 2 weeks is not a valid reason for not paying within the payment term.” –Franknng


“If you want to continue using the service you need to pay your bill. Or why their services were suspended after they filed a chargeback. Feels like I’m talking to a child each time.” –Vexxetz


“I worked at a CVS in high school. Many weirdos shop at CVS, but the weirdest among them were the ones who bought diapers and then asked me if I knew how to put them on a baby. Maybe it’s just my personal opinion, but if you’re at the point in your life where you have to buy diapers and put them on a baby, you should’ve figured this out from someone other than the teenager at the cash register.” –DanHam117


“Flushing after using a public restroom is standard etiquette.” –IneffectiveFishbowl


“That every payment has to be taxed and that’s not up to the company but to the government.” –elchicoplaya


“Worked at a coffee shop, woman comes in saying that the mug she bought is defective. I ask what is wrong.
She goes: It says it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. I put it in the microwave to heat it up and it got hot!
Me: yeah it means it can be used in a microwave without breaking. Has a bowl never gotten hot when you’ve microwaved it? The contents heat up the container as well.
Her: then it’s not safe.” –BronchialChunk


“That I need a prescription before filling up your medication.” –friedoreos11


“Explaining that having your nasty ass minivan cleaned in a $20 15 minute express wash and vacuum service will not, in fact, magically replace missing paint and remove two dozen jolly ranchers melted into the carpet.” –allthewholething


“That a color copier cannot magically make your black and white image into a color one. I’ve had to explain this to two different customers over the years and know of at least one instance where it happened to a co-worker.” –swiftlikessharpthing