Teachers Are Sharing “The Weirdest Thing” A Student’s Answered To “Tell Me A Fun Fact About Yourself”


I am not a teacher but this guy in my class named Shane has this medical condition that causes him to grow tons of hair at an early age. Full beard in middle school. He would say “I’m Shane and I’m Very Hairy.” —_JazzyJake_


‘My dad clogged the toilet this morning and that’s why I’m feeling frustrated’ -5 year old child.

I will say the question was “how are you doing this morning?” But I could barely keep from laughing out loud! —ModernMissTexas


In the context of having students introduce themselves one-by-one to a new boy in a small high school class, a girl said her parents got her a nose job and a boob job. —bigcup321


During an introductory activity for my new class, a boy, aged 9, got up and said ‘My dog has to wear a cone on its head because dad had his bollocks cut off!’ —jousby1988


A student once told my wife that her daddy had a special device that he had to blow into to start his truck. —marshallsays


Not a teacher, but in third grade, we would do this weekly “how was your weekend” sort of thing where we’d sit in a circle and share. This one girl casually goes “I found out that my biological father didn’t want me” in a super nonchalant tone and everything. I still remember the awkward tension. —your-favorite-ginger


That he has been to juvie multiple times and is currently on probation. Then he pulled up his pants enough that everyone could see his ankle monitor. That was…something. —whateverreddit88


Not me but my brother. He told the teacher “Last night my family ate beaver for dinner.” (I was much older and had left home by then.) The class laughed, the teacher accused him of lying, the principal was brought into this and my mother had to go in for a meeting. She chewed them up one side and down the other because we had a cousin who was a trapper and he had sent a batch of beaver thighs for the family to enjoy. Altho’ my brother was telling the truth, he told me later that he did say that for the effect (disrupting the class). —JtheBrut54


We did one of those two truths-one lie bits. Girl stands up and says, “I’ve never been out of the country. I’m a twin. I love playing sports.” I knew this girl beforehand and knew she didn’t have a twin, so picked that one.

Nope. She had a conjoined twin that died in utero and had to be surgically removed and she’s now missing the last vertebrae on her spine. Showed us the scar and everything. Apparently the lie was the first one as she’d been to Mexico. —ShrimpHeavenAngel


My friend is really quiet, he doesn’t really talk unless talked to. He’s really cool though and has some things he enjoys doing. Literally second year I knew him the teacher asked this and he said he’s a professional bowler with a 300 best, and I was like WHY HAVENT YOU TOLD ME THIS THATS AMAZING? I guess it just never came up. Haha! Knew him for a whole year and never knew that. —minertyler100