Teachers Are Sharing “The Weirdest Thing” A Student’s Answered To “Tell Me A Fun Fact About Yourself”


Had students (aged 11) sharing strategies for dealing with difficult emotions, one at a time in a big circle. One girl talked about digging her nails into her face whenever she was feeling stressed or anxious, and I had to explain to the class why self harm was not a good coping strategy. —tb5841


“I’ve had my hand up a sheep’s bum” shocked me slightly.

Child of a farming family, helping with lambing season…… —gringaellie


Someone in a class once told everyone about how his grandparents were arrested for keep a bunch of adopted children in cages. He said that he used to play with the kids when he was young, but he was too young to understand that the conditions they were in weren’t normal. They kept kids in cages and locked in rooms for years before they were discovered and arrested.

Yup. Fun fact. —RadioactiveMermaid


Not a teacher, but a few years ago on the first day of school this kid in one of my classes casually answered, “I have a restraining order on my dad!” —PsychoticChocolate


When i was in my first year at university my Law and Society professor made each student get up, say his/her name and tell why they picked Law School, well, a guy got up, said his name and the professor interrupted him by asking “Anon, are you related to x?” The guy “Yes professor, he is my grandfather” then the professor got excited and started talking about what great of a guy X is and that he haven’t heard of him in years. Then the professor asked how he was, anon replied “He is dead sir” The whole class was trying to hold the laughter, it pretty much broke the class that First day —BebeFumanteDeOsasco


Not a teacher but this happened when I was 17 at school camp during a “bonding exercise”

Teacher: tell us two truths and one lie about yourself and we have to guess the lie!

Weird kid: I play PlayStation, I like Doritos and I am an alcoholic

The teacher: the lie is you are an alcoholic!

Weird kid: got you, I play Xbox

My god the look on the teachers face. —The-Goat-Lord


In my psychology class, we were talking about the early signs of serial killers and the quietest girl who never spoke told the story of when she lived in Chicago, she had a friend around 5th grade who would always stomp on baby birds and once put his hamster in the microwave. Well his parents were having difficulty keeping up with his antics so they sent him to his grandmothers, who he promptly stabbed to death when she woke him up for school. So that was… interesting. —kibatava


Not a teacher but I just did a first aid course. During introductions, say your name and one fact about yourself, dude says proudly he once had over 300k of UNpaid parking tickets. —paxtonious


A guy in my class introduced himself by telling us how he decided he wanted to study philosophy because one day he was really high peeing in the street and he saw a couple of people working and he wondered what they were doing. So he realized his passion was wondering. He dropped out like 2 months later. —linaplancartem


I’m a teacher from the UK, form tutor to a Year 7 class (11 year olds) To get to know each other on the first day I had them take it in turns to say their name, which primary school they’ve come from and an interesting fact, like favourite food or colour. We get to the last kid in the class, his fact is that he has 6 fingers on one hand. Coolest kid ever. —utterly_bamboozled

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