People Are Tweeting Out Stories About How Bad Teachers “Radicalized” Them By Being Jerks (31 Tweets)

There are a lot of wonderful teachers out there who generally care about children and learning. But as many people are discovering during the pandemic, there are also a lot of bad teachers who are basically just employed to give your kids busy work all day so you can go to work. The latter type of teacher can get real bitter, real fast. That means the classroom becomes a scary place, with an authoritarian bully at the helm, ready to lash out at any child who still feels joy and wonder.

Twitter user Justin Boldaji was just such a child, until they realized in the fourth grade that working hard and doing your best isn’t as important as following the rules to the exact letter. Justin says that after finishing a science test, they doodled in the margins. All the answers were correct, but the teacher still docked points because of the drawings.

That’s all it took to radicalize Justin against authority. In fact, Justin is so radicalized that they tweeted this:

Not gonna lie, that’s a lot for me. But after reading all the petty little things teachers did to make inventive, creative kids miserable in class, I might be coming around. Here are all the moments in school that made people understand that following the rules isn’t the same thing as doing the right thing.