18 ‘Sexy’ Things That Are Actually Turn-Offs

Sex is subjective and it’s important to know what you like and do not like. It’s also important to know what veers into offensive and cringeworthy — things that aren’t necessarily just preferences. While we’d never yuck anyone’s yum, there are a few that really just flat up miss the mark of acceptable sexual activities. Free tip: pretty much anything you see in porn is probably out.

Check out what people are saying about these “classically” sexy things that are actually a hard pass from most people.

1. Size

“‘Oh my god, you’re so huge!’ 😠 This little fella is statistically average, and we both fucking know it.”

2. Drool

“There is a trend in porn where girls are sticking their tongues out and drooling with their eyes crossed or rolled back. Total turnoff. I’m guessing it comes from anime, but it really needs to stop.”—IdealUser87

3. Baby voice

“Not here to kink shame anyone into age play, but any time a woman uses a little girl voice, my penis rockets back into my body and declares an additional month of winter.”—thiccumscookies

4. Bragging

“When people brag about what they can do in bed. One time, this girl I was flirting with said that she can take 12 inches. In my head, I was like ‘I got 3, if you want 12 then we can do it four times, but chances are I’mma be out of breath by round two.'”—ironmanalex97


“Whispering seductively. I’m hard of hearing and I have no idea what you’re saying.”


6. Water

“Anything involving water — it’s anti-lube!”


7. Ow

“When she’s biting me. That kinda hurt, man.”—realultralord

8. Someone else

“Graphically talking about the sex acts you did with another partner.”—longhairedsmoker

9. Shhhh

“Exaggerated loud moaning. Completely takes me out of it. One time it was so bad, I had to actually shush the person.”

10. Mommy

“My father-in-law calls my mother-in-law ‘mommy.’ When my wife and I were visiting and stayed in the guest room, we heard him saying ‘yeah, mommy…’ and my wife recoiled and whimpered as we both stared at the ceiling in horror and discomfort.”—chumabuma

11. Slapping faces

“When dudes slap the girl’s face with their dick, or even worse: put it in her mouth at an angle, so it’s just kinda poking the inside of her cheek. What the fuck is that? It looks stupid, and I’m sure it feels stupid. Just fucking stop.”—CategoryKiwi

12. Spit

“Spit…I’ll never understand the appeal of spitting on someone or into someone’s mouth. Disgusting!”—323bridges323

13. Inanimate objects

“Sucking on inanimate objects. It does nothing for me. Maybe in a cute lick a lollipop way, but giving head to a dildo does nothing for me.”

14. Butts

“I’m a gay dude. There is some obsessive fascination some people have with assholes. I find them disgusting.”—Mug_o_parrot

15. Degrading names

“Being called degrading names (whore, slut, bitch, etc.). Big no-no for me.”—AnonymousNeverKnown

16. Domination

“Domination fetishes. I’m not a fan. I like the yin-yang approach. Push and pull, give and take.”—SHIVERnQUEEF

17. Youth

18. “Feet.” —Hansjg05

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