Women Are Sharing The Weirdest Ways They’ve Gotten Rid Of A Creep (20 Stories)

If you’re a woman, you’ve likely been harassed by a creep. Whether online or in person, the experience can be totally unnerving, and sometimes you don’t have any idea how to get this creep to leave you alone.

Online, it can sometimes feel like you can’t shake this creeper. In person, you can feel threatened, and it’s not always safe to make a big stink. But every so often, you just don’t care—and do some totally outrageous stuff to get your power back and make that jerk get lost.

On Reddit, women are sharing the weirdest thing they’ve done to get rid of a creep.

And I’m personally a fan of acting as weird as you can—bark, eat a flower, scream, wave your arms. Do what you need to do.

1. Eaten A Flower

“I was in the pub one night with friends and a guy who must’ve been at least 40 years older than me sent me a rose across the bar, and was leering at me. I made eye contact with him and ate the rose in big chomps. He looked aghast and left the pub.” — ConnieC60

2. Licked Her Friend’s Face

“Some dude tried to slide in next to me at the bar when a guy friend went to the men’s room. When my platonic guy friend came back, I made eye contact with him that I was up to something that was sort of my ‘just play along,’ signal. I put my arm around him and said, ‘Oh god, I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with another guy and my brother.’ Then proceeded to lick my ‘brother’s’ face like a dog. Dude vanished into thin air getting away from us.” — Lady_von_Stinkbeaver

3. Pretended To Make Out With Her “Dad”

“My husband is 20 years older than me and sometimes gets mistaken for my dad. Our signal is me calling him ‘daddy,’ something that we both think is cringey when said unironically, but in a ‘creep in a bar’ situation means he gives me a solid kiss with tongue, grabs my ass, then loudly talks about what he and ‘mom’ got up to today.” — g-a-r-n-e-t

4. Sent Pics Of Cat Vomit

“This guy I was seeing kept demanding nudes from me, and he would send me unsolicited dick pics, so i just sent him pictures of my housemate’s cat’s vomit. Then kept doing it everyday until he blocked me.” — upaharalatvia

5. Left Him Waiting In The Bathroom

“I’ve told this story on here before but met a guy at a park and instantly was creeped out. He asked for a Bj in the middle of the park and I said no, there’s people everywhere. So he asked if I would give him one in the bathroom. I said sure, go in and wait for me. Once he entered the bathroom, I ran to my car and left as soon as I could!” — CrazyCabinet577

6. Upped The Ante

“Two guys were trying so hard to pick up a friend and myself at a bar, and take us back to their hotel room. REALLY persistent to the point that we couldn’t enjoy our night any more. I finally had enough and walked up to them and said, ‘Fine, we’ve decided to f*ck you. But we only take it up the ass and you’d better be hard, you’d better be big. Don’t fucking disappoint us.” All said very forcefully, probably with angry/intense spittle. Their balls retracted, their faces turned pale and they left the bar. Yay!” — salmonsashimiplease

7. Started Eating Twigs

“Some random guy was trying to entice me into a Bush to have sex with him, trying to persuade me saying there was a mattress in there, I don’t know if there actually was as I never actually went anywhere near the Bush, instead I turned around to a tree and started munching on the leaves and twigs. The look in his eyes I will never forget. Needless to say, he soon left after that.” — Fjsbanqlpqoanyes

8. Sent D-ck Pics To The Work Group Chat

“I worked with a chef once who liked to flirt. With everyone. All the time. He didn’t just flirt though, he made inappropriate comments and would happily press his thigh/leg/crotch against your ass as you tried to pass him in the crowded kitchen. In short, he was a creep. One day he stole my phone and “jokingly” took a picture of his penis on my phone. When I confronted him he denied it (I can see your shoes in the pic but ok) so I SENT IT TO OUR WORK GROUP CHAT which included the manager, with a message stating I didn’t appreciate having my property taken from my cubby or being used in such a manner, and as the person responsible wouldn’t come forward I had no choice but to warn everyone else. I regret nothing.” — pumpkinjooce

9. Screamed

“Friend of mine used to get followed around a lot at night. She started doing this ‘hunch-back’ impression. It involved crouching down near the ground, mostly hopping on one-leg, swinging her purse around in the air and making growling noises. Sometimes guys would continue to follow her (probably out of wild curiosity) so she would stop-mid street…Not move at all. Then turn around slowly, scream and run at them full force. She did her impression for me once, and, holy-fuck, I would crap myself if I saw her come running at me in the middle of the night like that. Needless to say, she never worried about being followed home when she did that routine.” — prettyxxreckless

10. Hissed

“Once, I was walking on the sidewalk and a dude on a bicycle catcalled me. I hissed angrily at him, instinctually, and his face registered shock and he wobbled on his bike.” — Aubow

11. Pretended To Be Unhinged

“Pretended I was crazy. Like, batshit flinging poop crazy. Got my friend to tell the guy that I was recently released from a mental facility. Felt guilty for a while for using something like that when people out there are genuinely struggling, but by god it worked for that one night out.” — -QuarterQueen-

12. Pretended Her Mom Was Her Date

“I pretended to be dating my mom. We were out together at a concert and this really creepy guy in his 60s was extremely drunk and hitting on me (I was like 18) extremely strongly and being very handsy and invading my personal space. So my mom & I told the guy we were a couple & weren’t interested in men and to leave us alone. It didn’t get the guy to go away though so we had to leave. He actually followed us out to our car and tried to climb into our car through our backseat. Dude was messed up. A whole year later he ended up finding my mom on Facebook somehow and trying to friend request her. Still gives me chills.” — Mor-Rioghan

13. Barked In His Face

“When I was a teenager, a creepy older man kept scooting closer to me on a bench. I turned to face him and barked like a dog right in his face. Dude left with the quicks.” — DrSantosLHalper

14. Shared Info With Another Creep

“He asked for my Skype so I gave him the Skype address of another creep so they could creep each other out.” — whose_your_annie

15. Just Stared

“When we were younger, if someone was staring at us we would stare back, maintain eye contact while slowly raising our hands up in the shape of binoculars. Stare at them through our hand binoculars. You have to out creep them and it works every time.” — AdvancingHairline

16. Called Mom

“Had some old creepy guy follow me while I was walking around town one day when I was 18. I wasn’t sure at first that he was doing it because it was a crowded sidewalk so I walked a weird nonsensical route down several different streets. Sure enough he was still following me. At that point I get to a less busy area and panic because there are very few other people around, so I stop, call my mom, and give her my location and a physical description of him while staring him down. Told her that if anything happens to me he was the one who did it to me. Dude turned bright red and got out of there immediately.” — Appropriate_Tea4838

17. Gave Him An Ex’s Phone Number

“Gave them my ex’s phone number. I was a bartender. People would harass me. Usually I’d say I had a bf or was a lesbian or whatever (because arguing with drunk people doesn’t work.) sometimes I’d take their number and toss it. But I had one very persistent guy so I gave him my ex’s number. Apparently he harassed my ex and my ex had to block him haha.” — mskitty117

18. Menacingly Said The ABCs

“Before I transitioned (and just looked really butch) I was on the commuter train. This kid got on-maybe 15 or 16 and was calling someone down the aisle a f###ot continuously. I quietly closed my book, walked over to his seat and put my boot on the seat next to him and I said, ‘I am the king f###ot do NOT address any of my subjects.’ He then tried to call me one which…clearly didn’t have any power. Anytime he tried again I’d just yell ‘address your king or none at all!!’ Then I just started menacingly saying the ABCs. He got off the train and I went back to my book.” — alohamoraFTW

19. Made Up A Story

“Guy I went out with lied and told his friends we had sex. So instead of contesting it, I said, ‘Yeah it was really strange. He started crying and calling me mommy.'” — inconceivableonset

20. Sent Pics Of Dog Testicles

“I worked in vet med for a long time, so I had a collection of weird photos on my phone. So whenever I got an unsolicited dick pic, I sent pictures of dog testicles post neuter back, or a picture of an infected dog penis.” — mak3m3unsammich

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